More than 300 companies already use our A/B testing tool with its smart graphic editor.
What about you?

A/B Testing by Kameleoon

Kameleoon has the simplest interface to offer your desktop and mobile visitors optimized experiences.

Learn more about your visitors.
Analyze their behaviors to understand their needs and identify optimization opportunities on your website.

Always be testing.
A/B Testing, split testing, MVT: optimize each step of your visitors experience.

Shorten your decision cycle.
Rely on Kameleoon's statistics engine to boost your conversions.

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Thanks to Kameleoon's smart graphical editor, we implemented a culture of continuous testing.

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Colin GolbergMonetization & Optimization Manager

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Kameleoon allowed us to run complex tests easily. We have been able to boost our bookings by 13%.

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Guillaume ThénaultWeb Analyst

picto renault

Kameleoon's numerous features allow us to run simple tests as well as very advanced ones with extreme ease. Like, for example, the redesign of our online quotation funnel which was very beneficial.

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Laurent Le FersDigital Project Manager France

Create your A/B tests easily

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Bring your ideas to life with clicks, not code!

Kameleoon's editor isn't just graphical, it's smart:
you can edit only what's possible and probable for each element.Text, color, product image, CTA size modifications, move blocks and many other changes become possible in 3 clicks without needing technical knowledge.

You spare time and avoid making mistakes.

Target your optimizations

Test without limits

Test your hypothesis on the visitors of your choice depending on their origin, behavior, context, pages types they viewed as well as 40 other criteria.

illustration optimisations

Track your performances

illustration conversion
 illustration multi armed bandit testing

Make the right decision based on reliable data

Kameleoon's reporting provides you with all the essential information to analyze the performances of your tests: number of visitors tested, improvement rate, statistical significance level.

Better, shorten your decision cycle by relying on our dynamic traffic allocation algorithms (multi-armed bandit tests), filtering and segmenting your results depending on all type of criteria: device used, day, etc.

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Analyze your data

Understand the navigation path of your visitors to better define what needs to be optimized in priority.

With the heat, click and scroll maps, identify the key pages/elements and points of friction then visualize easily the impact of your optimization hypothesis on your goals (visitor engagement, conversions,…)

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Many visitors, too much information?
No worries, Kameleoon's A/B testing tool was built to handle Big Data.

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No data infrastructure
is required.

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Synchronous, asynchronous or blocking asynchronous script loading.

picto js

Completely static script, put into the browser cache straight away.

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Loading time 70 ms,
99.99% SLA.

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Workload guaranteed by a CDN: Designed to serve hundreds of millions of requests.

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Anonymity preserved: No IP address storage or personal data.

Adopt Kameleoon and boost your conversion rates

Add a line of code and start your web personalizations and A/B tests.