Easily test
your iOS and Android apps


Create and test your variations

without going through the App Store and without retagging your code

  • Easy edition
  • Advanced modifications
  • Easily edit text text, color, product images, button sizes, banners, block placement, hide/show elements, edit multiple elements in one click, etc.
  • Test your variations without updating your application on the App Store. Changes are immediately visible for your visitors without updating your iOS & Android app or making it slower.
  • SDK simple to install, in just 5 minutes.


Target your visitors

to customize their experience

  • Technical
  • Others
  • Type of mobile or tablet
  • Version of iOS/Android
  • Location (country)
  • Language used
  • Screen size



Simple and intuitive reporting

  • Intuitive reporting
  • Unlimited goals
  • Break-down and Filters
  • Web Analytics
  • Number of visitors tested.
  • Conversion rate per goal and variation.
  • Improvement compared to original version.
  • Level of statistical significance per objective (% chance of beating original version).

Adopt Kameleoon and boost your conversion rates

Install the SDK and start your A/B tests. Request a demo!