Start creating tailored experiences for your visitors with our personalization tool

Personalization by Kameleoon

Kameleoon provides immediate relevance to your visitors on desktop and mobile.

Transform your visitors' data in actionable segments.
Create and discover the most promising segments to personalize your visitors' experience.

Seize your opportunities.
Present the right content or message in real-time with our template library.

Manage the marketing pressure.
Easily prioritize your personalization scenarios to offer your visitors a natural, personal and polished experience.

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Kameleoon's features allow us to create easily and effectively complex personalizations.

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Bruno GuilbotData and Behavioral Marketing Manager

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Kameleoon's flexibility allowed us to rapidly implement numerous personalizations and increase significantly upselling and user retention.

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Cynthia RamirezWeb & Mobile Customer Experience

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By adding Kameleoon to our data ecosystem, we have been able to create advanced personalization scenarios and improve our conversion rates considerably.

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Akim DemoraMarketing E-commerce Executive

Advanced segmentation

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Understand who your visitors are

Cross-reference more than 40 qualification criteria to define your segments. Segment by visitors behavior, visit context, traffic source and more.

Integrate Kameleoon to your data ecosystem (CRM, DMP, tag manager) to enrich your client knowledge.

Audience discovery

Make your web analysts lives easier

On which visitors should you focus?

Our algorithms transform your visitors data in immediate actions by identifying the most promising segments for your personalizations.

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Experience personalization

illustration comparaison personnalisation illustration comparaison personnalisation

Transform client data in personalization

Adapt your content, products, messages to your clients expectations in real-time. Modifiy your website structure (elements, categories, navigation) depending on your visitors' preferences.

Trigger marketing messages in real-time.

Adapt your marketing messages in real-time to your visitors behavior. Create them easily from our template library. Manage marketing pressure with a wide range of display rules (frequency, caping, prioritization, scenarization).

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Mail personalization

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Switch from "Batch and Blast" to "One to One"

Offer your visitors the same level of personalization as on your website.

Connect Kameleoon to your emailing solution to send personalized emails to your visitors depending on their on-site behavior.

Gains visualization

Easily identify your most effective personalizations

Monitor in real-time the performance and relevance of your personalizations. Filter and segment your gains by the dimensions of your choice.

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Adopt Kameleoon and boost your conversion rates

Add a line of code and start your web personalizations and A/B tests.