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[Use Kameleoon] 10 product innovations to outperform your 2018 goals

Grégoire Thomas
Let’s get ready for a great start into 2018! Kameleoon’s latest product innovations will help optimize your personalization strategy and outperform your business goals. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.

1. Personalization(A.I.) is live !

Our R&D team has put in years of work, now their efforts pay off: Kameleoon’s machine learning algorithms are available, and a growing number of our customers is already using them successfully. These algorithms are capable of identifying the segment users belongs to and to calculate their conversion probability according to their browsing data. Just like Allopneus, Toyota and PriceMinister, let A.I. activate your data!

2. Kameleoon’s anti-flicker script

Last year, our developers solved one of the biggest problems of A/B testing: the flicker effect. An A/B tested visitor might see both versions of a page and wonder what is going on. The visitor might even see a special offer that he/she is not supposed to see. Any way, your test results can get biased. Kameleoon put an end to this problem. Want to find out how? Read our dedicated article on how Kameleoon put an end to the flicker effect.

3. Single Page App and dynamic site optimization (ReactJS, Agular JS, Vue JS, EmberJS, …)

Single Page Apps are very popular as they offer a more fluid browsing experience. Testing them was tricky, though, until Kameleoon resolved this issue. For three years now Kameleoon has been enabling you to optimize user experiences on all frameworks. Now this feature has been integrated natively into our solution. Which means that you can optimize your Single Page Apps with Kameleoon, whatever framework they use.

4. Cross domain compatibility

More and more of our customers are using different domains for their websites. The logical consequence is a cross-domain user journey. That raises the issue of real-time user journey optimization. How to follow a user from one domain to another? Our R&D team likes a good challenge – and took on this one. We developed a new technology capable of unifying your visitors’ user journey over several domains.

5. New simulation mode

The simulation mode enables you to simulate personalizations and A/B tests before running them online. Kameleoon’s simulation mode was fine up to now – but there definitely was room for improvements, especially regarding checks of personalization campaign. But let’s not dwell upon the past. With Kameleoon you can now view all of a personalization campaign within minutes and check that every detail is just right before its going live. simulation_kameleoon_innovations_produit And while they were at it, our teams added two more features many of you had been asking for:
  1. View an experiment in one click: a great time saver, for all of you who don’t want to spend minutes waiting for pop-ins to pop in. One click gives an you view of your whole campaign.previsualisation_simulation_kameleoon_innovations_produit
  2. Optimization for mobiles: Now that simulation is easy as pie on desktop, there’s no reason to forget mobile devices. Our simulation mode is now perfectly adapted to your smartphone or tablet screen.

6. A more intuitive way to build personalization campaigns

No-one likes inflexible software. Our teams give their very best to make sure you appreciate using our tools. Some of you thought that setting up different targeting conditions for personalization campaigns was quite complicated. We heard you and came up with a new design and interesting new features, such as:
  • viewing within seconds how a step integrates into a campaign,
  • deleting, pausing or duplicating any step in a click.

7. New indicators on the metrics page

Once you try conversion optimization, you get easily hooked. Data, KPIs, conversion rate… you’ll want to know it all (and be able to use all this data within an iterative method). You want metrics? Here they are. We added a series of new indicators such as dwell time, number of viewed pages or retention rate. [Spoiler Alert] More indicators coming soon [/Spoiler Alert].

8. Video pop-in widget  

You may say that a widget isn’t a “real” innovation. But then, you probably haven’t tried this one yet! Whether you’re launching a new ad campaign or want to set up a tutorial, you can now add a video to your website in a couple of clicks. video_kameleoon_innovations_produit

9. Redesign of Kameleoon’s back office

If you're already using Kameleoon, you may have spotted a “slight” change last November: we totally changed the menu! It’s gotten a lot easier to access all of the tool’s features. We hope you like our new menu as much as we at Kameleoon do! menu_kameleoon_innovations_produit

10. New integrations (lots)

Over the last year, we linked up with a whole bunch of other solutions of our market. You are now able to optimize your ecosystem by linking Kameleoon to:
  • Tealium
  • Segment
  • Ysance
  • Azetone
  • Temelio
  • Econda
  • Krux
  • Makazi
  • Avis Verifiés
  • Advalo
  • Kissmetrics

And that’s only a start…

We promise to continue innovating throughout 2018. Stay tuned! And don’t forget that Kameleoon is a solution for you. Don’t hesitate to get back to your consultant about new features you’d like to see or be improved. To see how all these features work, ask for a free demo! demo request kameleoon
Grégoire Thomas