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We're passionate about data-driven methodologies and predictive algorithms.
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Kameleoon's story


Birth of Kameleoon
Web design platform created by Jean-Noël as part of his final project at the École Polytechnique in Paris.

June 2009

Discovering America
The web design platform moves towards A/B testing.

January 2010

Jean-René meets Jean-Noël
300,000€ raised with Jean-René and other business angels from the top 10 French e-business companies.

June 2012

A/B testing platform
Commercial launch of Kameleoon, awarded with e-commerce prize for best technology.

September 2012

Premium version launched
A library of real-time marketing message templates.

June 2014

A/B testing mobile iOS and Android
Cross-association with Apptimize, world leader in A/B testing mobile for iOS and Android.

November 2014

Personalization module
Launched first version.

March 2015

Web personalization platform
New version launched including predictive segmentation algorithms.

October 2015


It's in Kameleoon's DNA

Kameleoon is endorsed as a JEI (Young Innovative Enterprise). We are supported by BPI (French Public Investment Bank) and are member of the business clusters Cap Digital and Systematic.

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We are looking for digital native, data-driven and technology-skilled people.
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Business Manager

CDI - Paris

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