Meet our Conversion A.I.

Kameleoon's A.I. understands who your visitors are and finds your future customers

Understand your audiences.

Kameleoon analyzes your visitor data in real time and understands who is your audience. You'll have an overview of your visitors segments depending on their size, conversion rate and associated revenue.

audiences intelligence artificielle
dashboard segments intelligence artificielle

Identify the optimal target for your offers

Our machine learning algorithms determine the existing correlations amongst the buyers of an offer. They calculate the probability of each visitor to convert and find your future customers.

Find new opportunities.

Kameleoon gives you recommendations every day on which segments to target for the highest impact on your revenue.

segments visiteurs intelligence artificielle

What can you do with our A.I.?

picto premium intelligence artificielle

Promote a premium offer


only to your high revenue visitors

picto coupon intelligence artificielle

Offer a discount


only if it's relevant

picto livraison intelligence artificielle

Offer free shipping


only to your indecisive visitors

picto message intelligence artificielle

Start a conversation


only with visitors who are truly interested

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