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[Product Release] Kameleoon continues to innovate


We promised you lots of innovation for 2016. Two months ago, we launched the first smart editor for A/B Testing - which has already been adopted by hundreds of users and customers! ?

Kameleoon continues to innovate, to make work for marketing teams ever simpler and offer them all the tools for easy user experience optimization.

Check out the new features that consolidates Kameleoon’s position as the market’s most performing solution.

Simple, reliable statistics

A/B Testing helps you validate your hypotheses for website optimization and has a significant impact on your business. That’s why trustworthy results are so important. Aware of this issue, our data scientists have put years of research into the further development of our statistics engine to help you get your business decisions right. It adapts to your needs and gives trustworthy answers to your optimization hypotheses. No matter if you have a lot of traffic or you’re A/B testing a small volume of visitors, the tool accelerates your decision cycle by acting on strong trends that occur before the end of your tests.

Want to learn more? Have a look at the page dedicated to our statistics engine.

Unlimited use of Kameleoon, thanks to our APIs

Developers only. Sorry! ?

We now offer to use Kameleoon without leaving your site, by using our APIs. They make the creation of functional applications easier and faster. You can interface directly with Kameleoon and automate certain actions, such as the creation of variations and the launch or end of A/B Tests and personalization campaigns.

Access the combined strength of Kameleoon’s solutions via our APIs. Don’t hesitate to look at its  technical documentation.

Integrate Kameleoon into your favorite solutions

New Analytics integrations for your personalization solutions

With Kameleoon, you can use the performances of your personalization campaigns wherever your data comes from: We have expanded the list of possible integrations with the analytics solutions you already use.

In a click, you can activate data upload directly from your Kameleoon account onto:

New e-mail integration

Kameleoon already offers your visitors the the same level of personalization of their e-mail as on your website. We have added Mailjet to the list of e-mail solutions that can be integrated into Kameleoon. Mailjet users can now send their visitors e-mails that are personalized according to their on-site behavior directly via their Kameleoon account.

Integration Kameleoon Mailjet - [Product Update] L'innovation continue avec Kameleoon

Quantify the financial performance of your personalization campaign

Just like many of our clients, you have segmented your visitors and offered a product range that meets their needs. You want to know in real-time the impact of that work on your sales.

Performances Personnalisation - [Product Update] L'innovation continue avec Kameleoon

We now offer to analyze the performance of your personalization from a financial angle, by feeding information on generated revenues and average basket value directly into your Kameleoon account.

Make your heatmaps easier to read and to interpret

Heatmaps are a much appreciated marketing tool as they help analyze user-friendliness ahead of A/B Tests. They are very useful when it comes to formulating the right hypothesis regarding UX optimization. They show your site’s hot spots and give insight into the visitor’s journey via his or her clicks. We further simplified the use of heatmaps, to let you concentrate on essential information.

Heatmap Kameleoon - [Product Update] L'innovation continue avec Kameleoon

You can now regulate heatmaps according to your needs. map sensibility: define the density of spots from which on hot spots should appear, in order to avoid too many or blurred click zones – spot size: if you are working on a page with many potential click zones, you may want to adapt the radius of your spots on the map.

For in-depth understanding of your results, we also provide information on the total number of clicks on your heatmap.

Thanks to these new features, your UX analysis will be more efficient.

More is yet to come

We never stop! We promised you loads of news this year, and new services and features are on their way. If you want to learn more about our solutions, don’t hesitate to ask for a personalized demo.

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