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22 January 2016

[Product Release] New features to start off 2016


We have a bunch of exciting new features to share with you this month, all designed to help you make the most out of your conversion optimisation strategies and create tailored experiences for your visitors.



Take actions backed by data you can trust

You launched your test a couple of days ago, and can see that your first results have a 95% confidence level. Even though these results seem to be trustworthy, they might not have reached statistical significance yet. So how to know when you can take actions on your results ? To help you know when your test is finished, we developed a confidence level stabilization curve. When it flattens, it will mean your test as reached statistical significance. You can then identify the winning variation and safely take actions on these results.

Go deeper in your results analysis

At Kameleoon, we think you should be able to take actions backed by data you can trust and have developed a set of tools that'll help you quickly analyze the results of you A/B tests in order to do so. Using our spider chart, you'll be able to see at a glance how your various goals compare on your different variations. Easily see what variation performs the best based on your strategic objectives to take action accordingly.



Personalize your emails based on your visitors' on-site behavior

Using Kameleoon, you can already deliver on-site personalized experiences to your visitors using banners/sticky blocks/pop-in, editing sections, adapting content,.... Starting today, we help you go a step further and deliver personalized off-site experiences using emails. Integrate Kameleoon with your email service provider (Smartfocus, Mailjet, Mailchimp, etc.) You can now easily set up various personalization scenarios based on your visitors' on-site behavior. For exemple, you can push to a visitor the products he saw on your site. Kameleoon also integrates with Target2Sell, a product recommandation technology, in order to offer your visitors the most relevant products based on the product category they visited most on your site. Set-up options are suited to your every needs: Date and time, exclusion of visitors that converted on your goals, follow-up options, ...

Easily engage your audience

Kameleoon adds new behavioral widgets to its library in order to let you easily create personalization actions and further engage with your audience.

Google Form

Using Google Form, you'll be able to easily create forms and collect qualitative information about your visitors. Whether its a feedback form to see what your visitors think about your site, embasement to grow your email base for an event, or increased engagement through an online quizz, this widget won't leave you short of options!

Count down banner

Interested in a flash sale ? Need to push a limited offer? The count down banner will make your visitors want to grab an opportunity on a good deal! All you'll need to do is install the count down widget on any page of your site to create an urgency feeling.


Already an iAdvize client and using the solution to initiate conversations with your visitors? Thanks to Kameleoon, you'll now be able to see the impact of your customer care efforts on your conversion rate.

Social share

Increase the reach of your content by adding our social share widget on any page of your site. If your visitors think your content is value adding, sharing it on their social networks will just be a click away!



Responsive simulation mode


You can now simulate your A/B tests and personalizations in any responsive environment (tablet, smartphone, ..). You'll be able to check what your visitors will see and experience on these devices prior to launching your test or personalization.


Yes, loads! We'll keep you informed throughout the year of our progress and our new features. Great things are about to happen!

For more information, you can ask a demo or get in touch with one of our consultants at 0033 1 84 17 59 40