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[Product Release] Smart Editor: An A/B testing innovation is born

April 6, 2016
Imagine you could create your A/B tests more easily than ever. Imagine your solution could understand and anticipate the modifications you want to make and would suggest relevant actions. Imagine you could save precious time normally needed to validate your hypotheses, thanks to an intuitive interface. Imagine you no longer would need to choose between simplicity and reliability. This dream has become reality, thanks to the first smart editor dedicated to A/B Testing. It took 12 months of tight collaboration between marketers and UX designers, based on our experience with hundreds of clients, who are our principal inspiration source. Before we tell you more about the features of this smart A/B testing editor, we want to share our experience and the different stages which have led to the innovation
  • Why did we launch such an ambitious project
  • How did we create the basis of A/B testing’s future, while maintaining a user-centric, data-driven approach
  • How will using a Smart A/B testing editor change the way you do your A/B tests

Creating the future of A/B testing

For over seven years, we have been assisting hundreds of marketing teams– from pure players to large corporations – with their A/B testing and conversion optimization strategies. We have been observing and analyzing the practices in order to understand what were the major constraints regarding A/B testing. We asked them about their needs in order to improve their daily work with our solution. We know that they are confronted with the constant evolution in user behavior and with an ever more urgent time-to-market constraint. That is why we have developed an even more powerful version of our tool.
Jean-Rene Boidron CEO Kameleoon“As we want to continuously improve our solutions we permanently question our work, in order to stay ahead of our users’ needs. Our smart editor is the perfect illustration of our strive for innovation and excellence.” Jean-René Boidron – CEO
EN-1-editor-newKameleoon’s smart A/B testing editor

How did we create a smart editor?

We applied a strict methodology in order to obtain perfect results. Under the responsibility of our Head of Product, all of Kameleoon’s teams – Consulting, Products, R&D –contributed to the work of our marketers and UX designers. Every detail was double-checked, to make the solution the best possible one: we analyzed the needs for improvement, identified the weak spots and imagined alternatives for an easier use and better performance of our tool. We then tested our ideas with beta users.
Frédéric - L'éditeur intelligent : genèse d'une innovation en A/B testing“When you have a very busy testing schedule, simplified browsing and intuitive test management will save you precious time. With our smart editor marketing teams are now able to create, target and implement tests in a simpler and quicker way.” Frédéric de Todaro – Head of Consulting

A user-centric approach…

We put the user in the center of our thinking: which features do they use most? How do they organize their testing on a day-to-day basis? Which main problems do they encounter while doing the tests? Thanks to this reflection, we were able to identify the features that are essential and those more accessory.
Fabien - L'éditeur intelligent : genèse d'une innovation en A/B testing“The most important basis of our work has been the feed-back from our clients, which we analyzed week after week. We thus had the necessary insights.” Fabien Dimeglio, Head of Product
EN-3-editor-newEasy management of your tests via the smart A/B testing editor

… and a data-driven one

To underpin our reflection, our data scientists examined in detail the thousands of tests launched on our platform. We managed to identify the most current usages and contexts of use and integrated this knowledge into our editor.
Jean Noel Rivasseau - L'éditeur intelligent : genèse d'une innovation en A/B testing“The analysis of thousands of tests launched on our platform enabled us to understand and anticipate users’ actions, in order to save them precious time during the creation of their a/b tests.” Jean-Noël Rivasseau – CTO & Founder
  Whatever the complexity of your tests – from the color change of a CTA to the complete re-organization of a page – our smart editor is now able to recognize the element you are working on and will suggest only relevant modifications. EN-4-editor-newOur smart editor recognizes what changes you are making and will suggest only relevant changes Concentrating on high added-value features, we were able to minimize the number of necessary clicks for a given action. Thanks to the smart editor, integrating an element into your page is quick and easy. EN-2-editor-newQuick integration of a new element on a page of your site

Enter the new age of A/B Testing

The new editor is one of the innovations of our new A/B testing tool. It makes Kameleoon the simplest and most performing tool on the market. Curious to see it in action? Do not hesitate to ask for a free demo! Ask for a demo
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