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Unlimited opportunities from a single platform

Kameleoon is a HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR compliant experience optimization platform. Our secure, easy-to-use, and powerful web and full stack technology empowers marketers to build, test, and measure digital experiences through A/B testing and personalization on all devices and channels, including mobile apps.

one platform

Convert the audiences you’ve acquired into action

Easily target and segment customers by acquisition channel, behavior, persona, industry, or another of Kameleoon’s 40+ criteria to deliver a personalized and relevant experience. Harness AI to trigger relevant messaging to every customer based on their Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™).


Secure integration with your martech stack saves you time

Busy, you need your testing platform to securely integrate with the tools you use most. In addition to countless custom integrations, Kameleoon integrates natively with your martech ecosystem, including analytics, CRM, CDP, CMS and email solutions. 



Run robust server-side experiments on your schedule

Launch sophisticated server-side tests that have no impact on site performance. Track and manage your experiments independently from your developers’ release cycles, then send your results to your preferred tools for activation and in-depth analysis.

hybrid experimentation

Made for marketers who can do more 

Smart graphic editor

Kameleoon’s smart graphic editor discovers and enables anyone to change, or hide text, colors, images, call-to-action, banners, and entire page sections. No coding experience necessary.

Large widget library 

Use or modify one of Kameleon’s widgets to easily build better user experiences on any device. Create new templates without a developer.

Dynamic traffic allocation

Manually allocate traffic to an a/b test variant or let Kameleoon’s multi-armed bandit AI automatically pushes traffic to a winning variation as soon as it’s detected.

Simulate, QA, and share tests

Preview exactly how your tests and personalizations look and function for your intended audience with our simulation tool. Easily share the full experience with key stakeholders for buy-in and approval.

Link tests to business goals 

Use one of Kameleoon’s existing goals, or create your own, to track how an A/B test increases conversion rate, retention, or visitor engagement.