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As soon as you become our client, a customer success manager (like me) will work with you on the analysis of your data to understand how you can optimize the experience of your visitors. He’ll also help you build your optimization strategy and reach your goals.

Maximize your chances with Kameleoon customer success

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Benefit from our experience acquired from hundreds of customers

From the analysis of your website (analytics and UX) to the analysis of your visitor data (identification of target segments), your customer success manager will work with our data scientists and UX experts to create a tailored, actionable and concrete strategy.

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An agile methodology with concrete results

The performance and relevance of your A/B testing or personalization campaigns are continuously monitored by your customer success manager. Your results are then analyzed to imagine new hypotheses and help you develop the habit of continuous optimization.

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Follow your strategy without technical worries

From set up to implementation, your customer success manager can take care of everything. He works with programmers and developers. You just have to tell him when you want to launch.

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Become a conversion optimization pro

Our customer success managers will come over to your office and share with you the best practices of A/B testing and personalization as well as give you the necessary training for you to use the advanced features of our solution.

As Kameleoon customer, you’ll also be invited to our events gathering the optimization experts who inspire us the most.

They’ll debate with you and share their experience with one goal in mind: create the optimization strategies of tomorrow.

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With you every step of the way

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Take advantage of our experience in conversion rate optimization