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What is Kameleoon?

Kameleoon is a SaaS solution allowing the implementation of A/B Tests and Web Personalizations. Kameleoon's clients and partners install Kameleoon's solution in order to better understand the way their website is used, and offer optimized experiences to their visitors. Kameleoon doesn't keep your personal data.

Opt Out

If a website uses Kameleoon and you don't want to be tracked, you can use a special command to prevent Kameleoon's script from tracking you on this website.

To do so, you need to add this query parameter "#kameleoonOptout=true" at the end of the website URL. This will automatically create a cookie in your browser "kameleoonOptout" allowing your opposing information to be stocked, and deactivating completely Kameleoon.

Once this query is entered, you will be excluded from Kameleoon's tests on this domain in the future. Note that if you delete your cookies, you will also delete this removal cookie.

Adopt Kameleoon and boost your conversion rates

Add a line of code and start your web personalizations and A/B tests.