Predictive targeting

Do you know who your next customers are?

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As marketers, you most likely have quite a number of promotional offers to launch. But you'd like to show them only to the visitors for whom it is useful …

Now is the time for you to seize the opportunities within your reach. Our predictive targeting algorithms process a high volume of data and as many clients your website receives. Their purpose is to find your « best clients », i.e. those who will give you the highest margin.

Our algorithms identify which of your visitors will become your next buyers

What are the applications?

a premium offer


to the high-revenue visitors only

a discount coupon


only if it's useful

the delivery free of charge


to the indecisive
visitors only

a reengagement message


only to the group of visitors
susceptible to be reengaged

How does it work?

Definition of your offer

Choose the product, offer, discount, message you want to push

Your visitors data

We collect, analyze your data and learn your about your personas

Your optimal target

Our predictive targeting algorithms identify the right visitors for you to reach your goal

Our results

Your benefits

Increase your margins

Stop cannibalizing your own discounts, only offer a financial advantage when it's useful.

Preserve your brand value

Show discount messages only to the relevant visitors segments.

Boost your clients value

Reduce churn by better targeting your campaigns.

Adopt Kameleoon and boost your conversion rates

Add a line of code and start your web personalizations and A/B tests.