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Easy setup

Kameleoon offers you immediate rollout with the installation of one line of JavaScript code and a setup without tagging.

Whatever the data you need for your website's personalization (product catalogue, pricing catalogue, visitor behavior, visit context, used device, visit provenance, etc.), no need for integration with Kameleoon.

image technology setup kameleoon

Big Data architecture
designed for real-time and predictive algorithms

image technology architecture kameleoon

Our architecture is the cornerstone of our technological stack and is based on latest technologies: Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Redis, Cluster Spark, client-side Local Storage.

It meets all needs of Big Data and predictive technologies.


picto real time technology


  • Server-side lambda architecture
  • Report consultation within ms
picto technology integrity


  • Historization of the entire data for potential later use
  • Ability to track and personalize a user journey in cross-domain mode
picto technology confidentiality


  • No storage whatsoever of personal data
  • Proprietary clusters guaranteeing data hosting in your country
  • Possibility of dedicated serversand on-premise hosting
picto technology performance


  • JavaScript loading in < 50ms
  • No use of external libraries such as jQuery (avoiding possible conflicts)
  • Use of DOM Mutation Observers to eliminate the Flicker effect. On the server side, the use of Redis caching bases allows for answers to dynamic requests (even complex ones) within milliseconds.

Worldwide operability

Our Content Delivery Network consists of over 100 points of presence making Kameleoon operational worldwide. Your personalized experiences are automatically routed via the closest CDN to guarantee real-time service to your visitors, wherever they are. Your data is stored in one of our 3 Data Centersto guarantee GDPR compliance.

picto technology infrastructure

A library of predictive algorithms with proven ROI

Kameleoon includes a range of algorithms adapted to each personalization strategy and capable of identifying the visitors the most likely to respond to your offers, messages and content .

Unlike "black box"-type algorithms, you can access the entirety of their analysis to understand why and how visitors interact with your brand. Designed as a container, Kameleoon also offers to include your own algorithms which will benefit from the robustness of our Big Data architecture.

image technology algorithms

An architecture 100% open to your ecosystem

image technology integrations

Kameleoon gives you the key to complete interoperability

  • The integrality of the data model can be accessed via client-side APIs JS or servers (possibility to make requests directly to our data lakes or to run your own routines in our Cluster Spark)
  • REST APIs offering to integrate the platform in micro-service mode for the automatization of tasks and the extension of existing features
  • Integration into your data ecosystem with native integrations into your analytics, CRM, DMP, emailing or price-monitoring solutions


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