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A/B Testing and Web personalization


A/B Testing

Kameleoon tests your visitors in real conditions to find out what they really want

  • Learn more about your visitors: Analyze your data and identify areas for improvement on your site.
  • Optimize the user experience: Simply and quickly edit your content to see what is most popular.
  • Shorten your decision cycles: By relying on statistical truth, your decisions are based on real data.
Ab testing tool
solution Ab Testing et personnalisation web


Kameleoon offers immediate relevance to your visitors

  • Leverage your data: reduce your bounce rate by 1/3 by using targeted actions matching the visitor's context and behavior.
  • Grab opportunities: Send real-time marketing messages from a predefined library of templates.
  • Turn your visitors into customers: Increase the commitment and maximize the value of your visitors.
solution Ab Testing et personnalisation web

Kameleoon boosts your conversion


  • Promovacances
  • Wonderbox
  • Pages Jaunes
  • M6 Web

“ In Promovacances we have a strong internal culture, but when we need to be assisted and accompanied, Kameleoon's team is always available. We never managed to ask them problems they didn't succeed to solve. ”

Blandine Chell
Lead Study and Operational Strategy at Promovacances

“ The problems with mobile navigation in terms of ergonomics and user experience sometimes involve substantial redesigns graphics here established and analyzed easily with Kameleoon's agility. ”

Emmanuel Puga Pereira
Marketing Director at Wonderbox

“ My mission in Pages Jaunes, is to put the data at the heart of marketing strategies and operations, so to do that A/B testing is a great way, it brings tangible and visible elements of the interest of the data to improve our services and performance. ”

Bruno Guilbot
Data and behavioral marketing manager at Pages Jaunes

“ Advanced Kameleoon functions allow us to validate assumptions about the customer experience in all agility. Simple to set up this test not less significant impact on the performance of our sites. ”

Colin Golberg
Chief of Monetization and Optimization
at M6 Web

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