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A/B testing

Base your UX decisions on reliable data and provide all of your visitors with an exceptional, high-performance digital experience.
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Every visitor deserves an exceptional experience

With our A/B testing and multivariate testing tool, you can test, innovate and validate your UX hypotheses to provide your visitors with an optimal user experience on both desktop and mobile. 

Why use A/B testing?

Improve conversions

The number one goal of your testing strategy: Optimize conversion rates. 

Engage visitors with your brand

An exceptional user experience is the first step to engagement, winning over and retaining your visitors.

Know and understand your visitors

Learn in-depth insights about your visitors through every test by analyzing how the different elements of your pages impact their behavior.

Take informed decisions, not risks

A/B testing your hypotheses eliminates the risk factor. Your decisions will be based on reliable facts and statistics, rather than on subjective assessments. 

Optimize your time and budget

Channel your efforts (and your money) into what works best for all of your audience thanks to the lessons you learn from your A/B tests.

How to create successful A/B tests

Adopt a systematic test & learn approach

Multi-device and cross-channel testing

Test any element or page on your website. The powerful Kameleoon platform enables you to create and deliver experiments on all devices (mobile, desktop, tablet), regardless of the channel used by your visitors (mobile web, website, iOS or Android app) – all without impacting performance.

Built for enterprise-use, the platform is multi-site and multi-domain, so you can work in several environments and run multi-page tests regardless of the domain visited.

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A dedicated multivariate testing tool

Create more complex tests with multivariate testing to improve the visitor journey. By comparing several versions of different elements (color, wording, position) on your website, you can determine which combination best suits your visitors. 

multivariate testing

Easily create your experiments

Kameleoon offers the simplest interface for experimentation. It makes it easy for your UX and marketing teams to test and provide your visitors with an optimized desktop and mobile experience.

Marketing teams: modify your elements in just a few clicks using our smart graphic editor

Using Kameleoon’s WYSIWYG graphic editor you can quickly change elements such as text, colors, product visuals, the size of CTAs, banners or the order of elements on a page. The graphic editor works in online or offline mode and appears as an overlay on your website, automatically detecting the elements to modify. 

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Choose from a wide range of available widgets or create your own templates

Thanks to our library of ready-to-use widgets (pop-in, countdown banner, social media bar, visit counter, etc.), you can easily test new experiences. You can also create your own widget templates!



Developers: create your A/B tests with our code editor

Our code editor has been built to meet the most advanced needs. 100% designed for developers it enables them to create more complex experiments directly using JavaScript and CSS code, with no need to use the WYSIWYG editor.  

This developer interface saves time and effort by making it easier to create and integrate more advanced experiments. 

code editor kameleoon

Preview your experiments in real conditions with our simulation tool

Finally, before putting your experiments online, preview everything with our simulation tool. Check your entire test (display of variations, targeting, conversion goals) in just a few minutes. 

The less time we spend wrangling software, the more time we spend executing effective strategies for our clients. Kameleoon’s combination of powerful features and ease of use make it easy to create and run experiments quickly and effectively, transferring to greater business benefits for our clients. There is no wasted time with Kameleoon.
Mike St Laurent
Michael St Laurent
Experimentation Expert & Thought Leader

Manage traffic distribution easily & automate traffic allocation to winning versions

Adjust the percentage of visitors who will see each variation on your website based on your needs and change your settings at any time depending on how your test performs. 

Automate this process by using our dynamic traffic allocation feature, which lets you easily redirect visitors to the winning variation before the end of the test. 

dynamic trafic allocation

Segment your audience to target your A/B tests with even greater accuracy

With Kameleoon’s A/B testing solution, you can test certain elements with only a specific part of your audience. 

Our platform provides over 25 criteria for segmenting your audience. For example, you can target your experiments based on where visitors are coming from, their behavior, or the type of pages they’re viewing. 

segmentation criteria

Manage privacy and be GDPR-compliant while optimizing the website experience

Kameleoon’s unique and flexible user consent management feature enables clients to adapt their consent management policy according to the type of A/B tests being carried out and the location of visitors.

This enables brands to improve the visitor experience while guaranteeing that tests respect privacy and consent requirements, complying with GDPR, CCPA and other personal data protection needs.

gdpr complaint

IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF)

In the media industry for instance, Kameleoon has achieved approved status from IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0, demonstrating that it complies with its specifications and policies. Our TCF approval helps our growing range of international media clients to ensure seamless compliance around privacy and consent.



Continuously analyze the results of your tests to better manage your optimizations

Kameleoon enables you to continuously analyze the performance and results of your A/B tests in real-time. Drill down to see detailed insights around visitor behavior – all information that improves your customer knowledge and helps you take better optimization decisions.

You can choose the statistical method that best suits your needs: Bayesian or frequentist. 

Data visualization & decision support tools 

Kameleoon’s A/B testing solution offers a dedicated reporting tool including dashboards and multiple ways of visualizing the results from your experiments. 

Access at a glance recommendations that enable you to act immediately and improve and optimize your website UX. 

The platform also generates automatic alerts to immediately inform you of any changes to your test.

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A wide choice of goals

Whatever your business goal, Kameleoon makes it simple and easy to define it within the tool and to then monitor how your A/B test is impacting your objective: 

  • Increase visitor engagement (pages viewed, time spent on the website) 
  • Increase conversion rates (click through, add to cart CTA, order confirmation, increase in average cart amount) 
  • Retain customers and reduce churn (number of loyalty club subscriptions, number of visitors who return to the website, decrease in cart abandonment) 
Our enterprise clients understand that experimentation is a critical lever for growth - Kameleoon’s platform offers all the features we need to execute an enterprise level experimentation program, through all stages of maturity.
Michael St Laurent
Michael St Laurent
Experimentation Expert & Thought Leader

With Kameleoon, choose performance and reliability 

To run experiments on your website, simply install the Kameleoon script in the source code on your pages. 

Our engine was developed using the TypeScript library. This unique technology choice enables us to reduce the size of our script to the absolute minimum (30 KB) and to guarantee our clients’ visitors a seamless website experience through optimized performance and loading speeds.

I am glad Kameleoon has switched to TypeScript as it brings lots of advantages - speed is definitely one of them. We can’t imagine working without it anymore.
henry munster
Henry Münster
Product Manager Testing & Senior Software Enginee

Maintain control over your experiments with the Chrome extension

With the Kameleoon Chrome extension, developers have a full range of tools at their fingertips, giving them detailed access to advanced technical information about areas such as the contents of the Kameleoon script, stored and collected data and tests in production.

The aim is to be able to very quickly and easily identify bugs or analyze any performance problems linked to production tests.

chrome extension

Zero flicker

With Kameleoon’s anti-flicker technology, the quality of the visitor experience is guaranteed. Our script always loads asynchronously, so that it never slows web page loading and removes the flicker effect from your A/B tests. Thanks to an advanced set of anti-flicker technologies (including the JavaScript anti-flicker snippet and use of DOM MutationObservers), there’s zero risk that your website won’t load or that your visitors will see multiple variations during the same visit.

flicker effect

Apple ITP management

To guarantee the reliability of your A/B test results, we constantly adapt our technology to mitigate the impact of the latest Apple ITP updates.

The Kameleoon platform provides an advanced solution that successfully deals with these new constraints while complying with personal data protection requirements. 


Full Stack A/B testing: a complementary approach to client-side testing

Kameleoon is a web and Full Stack platform that enables you to carry out A/B testing on the client-side, the server-side and on mobile apps.

Server-side A/B testing enables the creation of A/B tests directly on your server. It complements client-side testing technologies, allowing you to push your experimentation further.

Examples of types of server-side test:

  • Implementing new business rules on the Product listing page: sorting by popularity vs sorting by price, product recommendation algorithms, etc.
  • Testing different price strategies in the purchase funnel: for example, offering free shipping above certain spend amounts
  • Gradually rolling out new key features to a targeted group of customers.
server side

Develop your experimentation skills with the Kameleoon Academy

Get a deeper understanding of how to deliver the best experiences to your visitors, thanks to our in-depth training course. With this on-demand course you’ll learn how to set up reliable A/B tests, analyze their results, organize your roadmap, and avoid some common mistakes when optimizing the visitor experience. 


A/B testing course
Success Story A/B Testing

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Success Story A/B Testing

Renault increases appointment requests by 63% with an optimized conversion funnel

Success Story A/B Testing

Mumsnet increases click-through rate by 89% thanks to personalization


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