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In-depth review of the Kameleoon platform

Kameleoon is the only optimization solution with web, feature experimentation, and AI-driven personalization capabilities in a single unified platform.
Benefits of Kameleoon

1 What is Kameleoon?

Kameleoon is the only optimization solution with web and feature experimentation, and AI-driven personalization capabilities in a single unified platform. Founded in 2012, it is one of the few dedicated experimentation platforms on the market as validated by Forrester’s latest Wave: Experience Optimization Platforms Q4 2020 report.

Kameleoon is best for companies looking for a single platform to give product managers, marketers, developers and growth teams powerful A/B testingfeature flagging and experimentation solutions. As a unified platform, and with Kameleoon Hybrid™, Kameleoon is the only solution that lets teams launch server-side tests and feature experiments with client-side capabilities, including automatic data collection for targeting and reporting purposes and 20+ analytics integrations with tools such as Amplitude, Mixpanel, Segment, GA4 and more.

Kameleoon gives marketers, developers, and product managers a powerful tool to help brands build impactful customer experience optimization programs.
Ben Labay
Ben Labay
Managing Director at Speero
Speero CXL

With an emphasis on data security and privacy, GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliance, and with no limitations on the number of variations, testing traffic size, targeting, segmentation, or KPIs, the platform is popular with e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, media, and travel companies.

Advanced feature management and feature experimentation capabilities also make it a popular choice for product-led organizations.

Headquartered in Paris, France, the company now has offices in US, Canada, UK, Germany and Switzerland - allowing it to offer “follow the sun” or round-the-clock customer support and services.

2 What problems does Kameleoon solve?

Medium and enterprise-sized companies that practice web and feature experimentation and feature management rely on Kameleoon's technology.

They use it to ensure their digital experiences are satisfying their customers faster and better than their competitors.

Kameleoon is one platform with three solutions for all teams.

Companies can choose one, all, or a combination of Kameleoon's three solutions:


Web Experimentation

Create tests on-demand with a graphic or code editor. Give teams the ability to work in their preferred environment. Kameleoon’s SPA-compatible smart graphic editor enables anyone to change, or hide, text, colors, images and more, without code. For more complex experiments, developers can use the code editor directly using JavaScript and CSS code.

The customer will have a better experience with no flickering, and all the data is perfectly sent to the back office for analysis.
Leslie Anne Feuillan headshot
Leslie Anne Feuillan
Communication and Site Manager

Optimize your site with minimal impact on performance. Kameleoon’s script is flicker-free and 2-3x faster than its competitors, according to independent research by Third Party Web. Unlike its competitors, Kameleoon’s script will not impact page load speed, site performance, or result in a “flicker” across the screen - making it the highest performing tool of its competitors.

Fastest Web Experimentation Snippet Kameleoon


Scale your experimentation program with unlimited A/B and multivariate testing. Future-proof your A/B testing solution. Kameleoon offers unlimited A/B and multivariate testing, along with 45+ native targeting criteria, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of your tool as your testing program grows.

Kameleoon is by far the most fully-featured A/B testing tool.
Larissa Enright headshot
Larissa Enright
Head of Ecommerce at The Wine Collective

Feature Experimentation

Own your release cycles with feature management. Increase release frequency and enable progressive delivery with Kameleoon’s feature flagging solution. Kameleoon gives product managers more control over their releases with automatic rollback and reporting, unlimited environments, and custom deployment options - all while meeting the highest standards of compliance and security.

Validate new features with feature experimentation. Not happy with how a feature on your mobile app or website is performing with a specific customer segment? Toggle off the feature and roll back instantly. Better yet, test specific features with target customers and roll out more broadly with confidence. Track performance in real-time with Kameleoon or your third-party analytics tool client-side.

Progressive Roll out feature


Power server-side experiments with Kameleoon Hybrid.™ Kameleoon is the only platform that offers hybrid experimentation, making server-side testing easier and more valuable for all types of teams. With Kameleoon Hybrid,™ teams can test server-side with client-side capabilities making it possible to build and deploy experiments server-side for maximum control, while natively tracking client-side data through the reporting dashboard.

Kameleoon enables hybrid experimentation through a single platform that delivers real benefits to our business.
Adrien Agripnidis
CIO at Eminza

AI-driven personalization

Intelligent, purpose-driven segmentation. Kameleoon has native criteria tabled into groups such as behavioral, psychographic, demographic and geographic, which makes capturing “hot data” easy. You can also import custom data (cold data) with just a few clicks. Weaving hot and cold data together, customers can fine-tune their segments and deliver brilliant 1:1 experiences.

AI-powered conversion prediction. Kameleoon uses machine learning to predict each visitor's purchase or engagement intention in real-time via the Kameleoon Conversion Score™(KCS™). The solution discovers correlations that lead to visitors converting and delivers messaging and experiences at the right moment in the funnel to nurture goal accomplishment for all.

Integrated with custom data from your tech stack. Kameleoon offers many integrations that allow it to quickly share data, leverage analysis tools, and become part of martech stacks used by clients across industries. Integration with customer data platforms (CDP), Segment, and Tealium, for example, enable brands to target highly defined customer groups.  Integrations with data warehouses (such as Google Big Query, Snowflake and others) enables full connectivity to the entire data ecosystem and allows leveraging the DWH as the single source of truth, including Kameleoon experiment results.

3 What makes Kameleoon different from other A/B testing and feature management solutions?

In addition to unlimited A/B testing and advanced feature management and feature experimentation capabilities, many brands choose Kameleoon because of its performance, commitment to data privacy and security, and fair pricing.

Learn how we compare to other platforms.


One platform for all teams

The only unified A/B testing platform. Kameleoon is the only optimization solution on the market today that offers a single unified platform, meaning its client and server-side capabilities are built on the same architecture.This enables teams to work in their preferred environment while using the same tool, eliminating silos and encouraging cross-functional collaboration.

Server-side testing with client-side capabilities. Being a unified platform means Kameleoon is the only solution that can offer hybrid experimentation, making server-side testing easier for all teams. Hybrid experimentation saves teams ample time and developer resources. All a developer needs to do is code the experience -from here, product managers and marketers can launch a server-side test without needing to code targeting, tracking, activation, or analytics.

Developers welcome, but not required. A robust code editor and rich developer documentation allows engineers to code tests in the Kameleoon platform, in Git or MS Visual Studio, or server side, using their preferred SDK. However, marketers and product managers aren’t reliant on developer resources. An advanced, feature-rich graphic editor and accessible feature flagging solution means PMs and marketers can get their work done, no dev resources required.

Kameleoon developer platform

Fast, flicker-free, real-time performance

A 100% flicker-free experience. Flicker-free means users are guaranteed to not see the control before seeing the variation. Kameleoon’s use of asynchronous calls make sure that the page being requested isn’t shown to the customer until it is completely loaded, providing a better experience for users and ensuring any test results are valid. It performs well even in complex web caching environments.

Real-time visitor data processing. Kameleoon collects, structures, and keeps a history log of more than 45 criteria in real-time in the browser’s Local Storage. No extra server calls are needed to retrieve the data necessary to segment your audience and trigger real-time personalization.

When speed matters, Kameleoon delivers. At 30.7 KB, Kameleoon's TypeScript engine delivers a higher load for its clients' websites and is still 2-3x faster than competing solutions according to independent research by Third Party Web.

More than 100 worldwide relay points. The Kameleoon Content Delivery Network (CDN) automatically routes tests, personalizations, and experiences via the closest CDN to serve visitors in real-time, wherever they are.

Kameleoon is easy to use, works in all environments, and has less impact on page load.
Peter Ernst
Senior Optimization Manager, Providence's Digital

Reliable and trustworthy data

Own your release cycles with feature management. Increase release frequency and enable progressive delivery with Kameleoon’s feature flagging solution. Kameleoon gives product managers more control over their releases with automatic rollback and reporting, unlimited environments, and custom deployment options - all while meeting the highest standards of compliance and security.

Run your tests with minimal impact from Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). Kameleoon uses a server-side snippet and an automatic back-end/front-end sync to ensure your user data is unaffected by Apple’s ITP.

Get automatic alerts of Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM). Kameleoon’s SRM detection system automatically detects SRM and alerts you when your experiment has potential traffic assignment issues. That way, you can test your hypotheses in the best conditions possible and trust the validity of your data.

Set custom attribution windows for accurate reporting. Falsely attributed data can lead to invalid results and inaccurate decision making. That’s why we offer a Custom Attribution Window where you can customize the duration for which your experiments will be credited for affecting a conversion goal or KPI.

Apply CUPED to experiment results. CUPED (Controlled Experiment Using Pre-Experiment Data) is a powerful variance reduction technique where we use pre-experiment data to increase the precision of our estimates and reduce confidence intervals and pre-exposure bias in experiment results. When applied to the right type of experiments and goals, CUPED can lead to a potential reduction in required sample size up to 60%.

Finally, you can use the powerful Cross-Campaign Analysis feature which allows to filter and break down test results based on exposure to other experiments. You will be able to automatically detect interaction effects and safely interpret the results of overlapping campaigns. 

Commitment to privacy and security

No personally identifiable data is collected or processed. In accordance with GDPR and CCPA, any personal data shared by the client is processed according to regulations, user consent, and client instruction.

100% cookie-free. Using cookies for experimentation is not only technically inefficient but also raises several data security and privacy concerns. That's why Kameleoon uses Local Storage, a data store in the browser with more storage capacity and better security.

Kameleoon UI

Simplified consent management. Kameleoon's consent management feature enables brands to easily set whether experiments and personalizations require consent, ask for consent if needed, and then manage how the Kameleoon platform behaves depending on the response from site visitors.

HIPAA compliant and ready. Kameleoon complies with all HIPAA regulations and enters into Business Associate (BA) agreements to help healthcare brands meet any regulatory requirement.

Data is stored in data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia. The global network guarantees that data will be processed in compliance with local legislation such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Learn more about Kameleoon’s focus on data privacy and security.

Works well on SPA and advanced websites

Strong documentation and experience with SPA sites. A/B test without reloading pages. Kameleoon has dedicated APIs, documentation, and experience supporting sites built using Single Page Applications (SPAs). Kameleoon supports A/B testing on SPA and advanced sites using React, Angular, or any other dynamic JavaScript frameworks with its dedicated API.

Native cross-domain tracking and experimentation. With a unique technology based on a tiny iframe hosted on the customer's main domain, Kameleoon, without any performance impact, natively removes any constraint related to multiple-domain websites.

History reconciliation on cross-device. Kameleoon has the ability to merge history and actions made from visits on different devices, if the user responsible for those visits is the same. Learn more here.

Kameleoon understands SPA websites better.
Fletcher Young
Product Manager at Thortful

Fits within your tech stack

Kameleoon is designed to fit within your existing tech stack. Easily connect your customer data platforms and product analytics tools with Kameleoon via simple plug-and-play integrations.

Key integrations allow customers to:

Implement easily and reliably with your CMS like:


Leverage customer data to create highly targeted segments


Analyze how a test affected customer behavior


Work in your environment


Connect to your data warehouse

  • Google Big Query
  • Snowflake, and more!

See the entire library of Kameleoon integrations.

Build custom integrations seamlessly. Build an integration with any third-party application using the Kameleoon Custom Data Bridge. Our public APIs and documentation enable limitless app-to-app creation. You can also use our integration with Zapier to further connect Kameleoon with your tech stack.

Martech Integration


Easy to install

Installing Kameleoon is simple. Once signed up, customers can log in to their account and download a JavaScript snippet unique to their company/brand client-side or via SDK server-side. After the code is added to the header section of the website(s) or the SDK is installed in the developer's language, teams are ready to begin experimenting.

Clients can also install the Kameleoon snippet via a tag manager (GTM, TagCo, etc). Learn more about Kameleoon's implementation using Tag Manager Systems.

Performance and security-conscious organizations want flexible deployment options. With various deployment options including CDN implementation, on-premise options, and single-tenant cloud installations, Kameleoon is perfect for organizations that value performance and security.

Easily launch Kameleoon on any major CMS. For example, if your store is on Shopify or Wordpress, you'll be able to add the platform in a few clicks thanks to the numerous integrations Kameleoon offers.

Comprehensive customer support

Robust developer documentation and support center. Kameleoon's rich developer documentation provides support to engineering teams, while the robust support center can help you find the answer to any question you may have.

Follow-the-sun support. With customer success teams in offices around the globe, Kameleoon offers follow-the-sun support to all teams.

Technical and customer support from experimentation experts. From dedicated Slack channels to full-day training sessions, Kameleoon customer success teams are deeply knowledgeable experimentation experts who are committed to enabling their customers to succeed.

Partnering with a platform with knowledgeable experts who are technical and CRO like-minded was very important.
Larissa Enright
The Wine Collective

Fairly priced

Kameleoon doesn't have a credit system or place limits on the number of users, variations, or subdomains. There's also no limit to the number of tests or variations that can be run or the size of traffic that customers can test on. Customers don't need to buy or swap credits to run complex tests or worry about rolling out a winning test to 100% of their traffic.

An annual license is fixed based on the last year's average number of monthly unique visitors. Even if your traffic doubles the day after signing up with Kameleoon, you won't pay extra until the end of the year. Any increases are based on the previous 12-month average. Annual license fees start at $ 35,000.

4 What kind of teams and companies is Kameleoon best for?

Experimentation leaders running mature programs

Scale your experimentation program. Kameleoon offers scale, security, and performance for top experimentation teams. The unified platform gives leaders and growth marketers one UI, data model, dashboard, and results page to manage, understand, and action any type of test.

With Kameleoon I can launch many impactful tests and expose them to all users. I'm no longer dependent on my production roadmap and I am independent from our IT team.
Delphine F.

Run robust server-side experiments. Launch sophisticated server-side tests that have no impact on site performance and send your results to your preferred tools for activation and in-depth analysis.

Harness AI for predictive personalization. Personalize experiences based on price sensitivity, acquisition channel, behavior, persona, Kameleoon’s 45+ criteria, or segments stored in any data layer.

Product managers at product-led organizations

Increase release frequency with feature flags. Improve development and increase productivity with feature flags. Kameleoon makes it easy for product managers to launch a feature flag without the need for developer resources.

Increase release frequency with feature flag

Release features gradually and with confidence. Product managers use Kameleoon to release features gradually and have more control over the release cycle. Update your feature flags remotely within a user-friendly UI, and test the performance and adoption rate of your features quickly and easily with Kameleoon.

Test products, features, and ideas. Test new product hypotheses and value propositions to continuously develop features that will attract and retain users. Use Feature Experimentation to measure the impact of your experiments on product KPIs, including adoption and retention in Kameleoon or your preferred product analytics tool.

Developers who want to work in their environment with their SDK and code

Dedicated developer tools. Kameleoon allows developers to plug Kameleoon into their GIT account and synchronize their code with MS Visual Studio and a custom Chrome extension.

Mobile and server-side SDKs. Developers can run experiments server-side, manage features with agility, and gradually roll out or roll back features on websites and mobile apps with just a few clicks.

Shared interface and capabilities for server-side and client-side experiments. Kameleoon Hybrid offers a unified platform for segmentation, integrations, experiments and reports for client-side and server-side tests, saving time and minimizing effort for all teams.

Work in all environments. Kameleoon’s unique architecture works well in complex web caching environments. No latency, no server calls.

Brands looking to build a culture of experimentation, where insights (not just wins) are rewarded

Easily build a testing roadmap and share results with Kameleoon dashboards. In addition to intuitive features that help users achieve conversion, growth and revenue goals, Kameleoon gives clients reporting tools that make it easy to see the work and results of all users and teams across an organization.

How much traffic you need depends on your business and average conversion rate. In B2B where conversion rates are usually high (over 5%), Kameleoon makes sense with traffic as low as 10,000 Monthly Unique Visitors. B2C brands, however, should ideally have a minimum of 75,000 monthly unique visitors.

5 What analysts and customers say about Kameleoon

Awards and recognition by Forrester, G2, and TrustRadius

Forrester Research names Kameleoon “a challenger”. Forrester selected Kameleoon as a vendor in The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms - Q4 2020 report.

2023 Leader, Momentum Leader, Best Support & European Leader in A/B Testing, E-commerce Personalization & Personalization. In 2021 and 2022, Kameleoon also won multiple awards from G2 in the A/B Testing & Personalization categories, including Leader & Momentum Leader.

G2 Fall 2023 Awards

A leader in A/B Testing and Feature Management according to TrustRadius. Kameleoon won TrustRadius awards in A/B Testing, Feature Management and Ecommerce Personalization categories in 2022, including “Best Feature Set” and “Best Customer Support”.

A leader in A/B Testing and Feature Management according to TrustRadius. Kameleoon won TrustRadius awards in A/B Testing, Feature Management and Ecommerce Personalization categories in 2022, including “Best Feature Set” and “Best Customer Support”.

Demonstrable ROI

According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact of Kameleoon (TEI) report, the platform delivers a 291% return on investment, a 15% conversion rate improvement, and a 30% increase in cross-sales.

We've been working with the solution for more than a year now and we've had a great ROI. Overall, it's a strong optimization platform both quite simple to use and feature-rich.
Julien Nouet
Business Lead at Kering

Where is Kameleoon not the best fit?

Not best suited for very small businesses or those only looking for landing page optimization. Kameleoon is a good fit for companies who intend to go beyond “quick wins” and want a high-performing, feature-rich platform that can scale to meet their optimization and personalization needs.

Not for companies who want their A/B testing tool to belong to a suite. Kameleoon is an excellent “stack” choice, as it has robust integrations with most major platforms.

Not for no-code testing on mobile apps. While Kameleoon handles A/B testing on mobile apps, it does so with its powerful server-side feature experimentation solution. It does not believe that no-code technologies are reliable enough to run professional testing on apps.

6 Which industries and businesses is Kameleoon best suited for?

With more than 10 years of optimization and personalization experience, Kameleoon is familiar with the challenges and opportunities of every industry and business model.

From its smart graphic editor and advanced Simulate Mode to its server-side SDKs, Kameleoon comes ready to power every type of team across almost any industry.

All team Experimentation


1. E-commerce brands can build customer relationships along with higher sales

Maximize checkout and prevent cart abandonment. Users can optimize every step of the checkout funnel with A/B testing and personalization. Over 50+ native targeting criteria allow retailers to easily segment audiences based on behavior, location, or custom data. With Kameleoon AI, retailers can measure the purchase intention of shoppers in real-time and trigger the right actions to convert visitors into buyers.

2. Healthcare and wellness brands have a HIPAA-compliant solution to help them better connect patients to practitioners

Kameleoon is HIPAA-compliant. With its advanced security protocols and features, Kameleoon satisfies the toughest healthcare procurement requirements and enters into HIPAA Business Associate (BA) agreements wherever required. Learn more about Kameleoon's HIPAA compliance.

Flexible user consent management. The platform's flexible user-consent management features ensure that every test or personalization adheres to the organization's user consent policy.

3. Banks and insurance companies have an ally in compliance and optimization

Optimize UX without IT while maintaining the highest data security standards. With advanced security policies, Kameleoon satisfies the toughest procurement requirements. Plus, no coding is needed to make important and urgent UX changes.

Easily get approval for tests and personalizations before they go live. Kameleoon’s simulate mode helps banks and insurance companies quickly share how tests and personalizations will look and function with multiple stakeholders.

4. Product-led organizations innovate faster and release with confidence

Simplify feature flag creation and feature management. Kameleoon’s robust feature flagging and feature management capabilities help product and engineering teams release features faster and with more confidence.

Drive innovation through feature experimentation. Test different features with different segments of your customer base to determine which performs best. Use these insights to make data-driven decisions when developing your product.

5. Media and entertainment players can convert subscribers

Fast, accurate, and made to convert for high traffic. Kameleoon helps you capture fleeting eyeballs with a guaranteed flicker-free script that is 2-3X as fast as competing solutions.

AI-powered personalization knows which piece of content works best. Kameleoon Predict™ AI helps you know when and what message, content, or experience will deepen reader engagement. Optimize ad campaigns and acquisition channels with analytics tools easily.

We work closely with the Kameleoon Product team to gather our feedback on the platform, and they take into account our needs to improve the platform and build new features.
Julien Bizet
UX Project Manager at Darty

6. Automakers drive qualified leads to dealerships

Send dealers more qualified leads, faster with AI. Kameleoon has proven expertise in helping automakers like Toyota identify buyers with the desire and ability to purchase a car, with its machine-learning algorithms and AI. Learn more about how Kameleoon helps car brands.

7. Travel & tourism operators make every click count

Optimize the booking process. With deals changing every minute and many UX elements, Kameleoon helps travel brands work in real-time on advanced single-page application (SPA) websites to ensure visitors can easily find what they're looking for and book.

Customize travel offerings per acquisition channel. Marketers can target acquired travel audiences with optimized experiences based on intelligent segments and/or with their own custom data.

7 Ready to get started with Kameleoon?

Kameleoon is a secure, feature-rich platform designed to help almost any experimentation program scale up, obtain trustworthy data, and gain meaningful insights to make better business decisions.

With a unified platform and a deep understanding of the experimentation needs across the organization, its an ideal choice for mature enterprise programs.

If you're interested in learning how Kameleoon can benefit your business, request a personalized demo here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can I launch A/B, Multi-variate, and Split Test Experiments on App & Web?
Yes, Kameleoon users get access to unlimited A/B, multivariate (MVT) and split test experiments on app & web on all plans, as well as no limitations on the number of variations, testing traffic size, targeting, segmentation, or KPIs. Read more here.
Does Kameleoon offer a free trial?
Yes, Kameleoon now offers a free trial of our Feature Experimentation. You’ll have access to unlimited feature flags, unlimited feature rollouts and feature experiments, custom data for audience targeting, and so much more.
Can I segment Tests and Personalizations by acquisition channel, behavior, or location?

Yes. Kameleoon has over 45+ native segmenting criteria that allow you to target your A/B test based on any possible combination, including Kameleoon's Conversion Score™. Geolocation enables targeting down to zip codes.

Link Tealium, Segment, or your preferred Data Management Platform to Use Custom Data to optimize and personalize for precise groups and cohorts.

What Does Kameleoon do?
Kameleoon is the only optimization solution with web, feature experimentation, and ai-driven personalization capabilities in a single unified platform. It enables teams to run a/b tests, multivariate tests, feature experiments, and personalization all from one platform.
How much does Kameleoon cost?
Annual license fees start at $ 35,000. to learn more about pricing, reach out to a member of our team.
What's the difference between Kameleoon and Optimizely?
Does Kameleoon integrate with Hotjar? Contentsquare? Fullstory?
Yes. Kameleoon has powerful integrations with every major heat mapping, session recording, and behavioral analytics solution. Learn more about Kameleoon's analytics integrations.
Am I able to build an experiment with a wysiwyg editor?
Yes, absolutely. Make copy and ux changes - without any IT resources - including on advanced spa sites. Learn more about our smart wysiwyg graphic editor.
Can I create and launch an experiment without it or engineering?
Yes. We do this through the smart graphic editor.
Do you have an integration with shopify?
Yes. The Kameleoon platform integrates with brands with stores on Shopifyplus. Learn more about our shopify integration.
Will the Kameleoon product team accept feature requests?
Absolutely. Once securely logged in, users can request a feature from any page on the platform, to make it easier.
Does the wysiwyg editor work on Mobile apps? Server-side?

No. There is no browser for a mobile app, so all in-app testing requires our feature experimentation solution, where a wysiwyg does not work.

Kameleoon serves in-app testing through its Feature Experimentation solution. It provides one SDK per language (android and ios) which allows users to run app A/B tests in-app. Users can monitor performance via a dashboard and/or analytics tools through integrations.

See an overview of our SDK library.

Can I preview and QA an experiment either online or on a device?
Yes. Kameleoon features a ‘simulate mode’ which clients can use to test their experiments before actually deploying them. Multiple stakeholders can view and approve tests via shareable urls before they have been deployed.
Can Kameleoon pull events from Segment so that I can use them as goals in experiments?
Can I exclude users already in one test from participating in another?
Yes. This option is available as one of our 40+ native targeting criteria.
Are there multi-armed bandits to get to statistical significance quicker?
Yes. Utilize dynamic traffic allocation to obtain statistical significance more quickly..
Does Kameleoon integrate with Mixpanel?
Yes. Read more about our integration with Mixpanel on their website.
Does Kameleoon have special prices for agencies?
Kameleoon has a global agency network that services clients across industries and segments, and they do have special pricing. Please reach out to Kameleoon to find out more.
How much traffic does my site need to have for Kameleoon to make sense?
This depends on your business and average conversion rate. In B2B where conversion rates are usually high (over 5%), Kameleoon makes sense with traffic as low as 10,000 monthly unique visitors. b2c brands should ideally have a minimum of 75,000 monthly unique visitors.
How easy is it to install?

With a javascript snippet unique to their company and account, Kameleoon customers can quickly and easily add code to the head section of their website.

Kameleoon can also be installed by UTM. Learn more about Kameleoon's implementation using tag manager systems.

See Kameleoon's documentation for detailed instructions on installation. Users can also reach out to Kameleoon for round-the-clock support, no matter where they are at [email protected].

How do I contact Kameleoon?
We'd love to hear from you. Contact us or send us an email to [email protected]. Want a personalized demo? Request one here.

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