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Experimentation meets feature management

Develop and deliver optimized product experiences to targeted audiences with Kameleoon Full Stack.
Full Stack

Why brands choose Kameleoon

Powerful feature management and experimentation

Rollout your next feature to highly targeted audiences. Remotely update them with feature variables. Rollback with automatic alerts.

Cross-platform ready SDKs

15 Kameleoon SDKs for web and mobile apps deliver instant changes with zero latency and no performance impact.


Run experiments server-side while enjoying client-side capabilities, including in-app reporting and plug-and-play integrations.

SDK rich, cache-friendly work environment

C PHP Java Ruby Node JS Go Flutter IOS Swift Android Kotlin React Native JS Python NGINX Apache


SEE our SDK documentation 

Supercharge product optimization with Kameleoon Full Stack 

Feature flags put the power of deployment in your hands 

  • Gradually roll out new features to targeted audiences on your website or apps. 
  • Instantly update features without waiting for a new release or app store approval. 
  • Automatically roll back features when goals are not met or by scenario triggers.
roll out

Optimize and personalize any web or mobile app product with enterprise-level experimentation tools 

  • Experiment anywhere and anyhow you like with 15+ client and server-side zero-latency SDKs. 
  • Measure the impact of new or updated features on your website or mobile apps with Feature Flags. 
  • Leverage our Real-Time Streaming technology to propagate changes to your web or mobile product without delays. 

Free up developers' time with Kameleoon HybridTM

  • Give growth and product teams control over their server-side experiments with intuitive client-side capabilities, like our graphic editor and reporting dashboard. 
  • Sync external segments into Kameleoon for precise server-side experiment targeting with plug-and-play integrations.
  • Send experiment results to third-party solutions for in-depth analysis and activation. Without extra coding needed. 
reporting tools

Key features to power every product team

Cache management that works

Run experiments on parts of a website that are heavily cached with dedicated SDKs for Nginx & Apache.

Cross-platform consistency

Consistent bucketing across different languages ensures a consistent experience for the same user - no matter what device.

React and SPA-ready

Run experiments and activate feature flags directly from your React application using our JS Typescript SDK.


Advanced audience targeting

With unlimited custom data, feature experiment with a precise subset of users. When confident, roll out to a larger segment without impacting your entire user base.

Rollback with Automatic Alerts

Kameleoon’s Alert builder allows you to automatically roll back features when triggered by advanced scenarios and conditions. 

Remote update

Don’t wait for your next code release or app store update. Remotely update your experiment or feature when it’s ready for your users.

Custom deployment options

Kameleoon supports single-tenant cloud installations and on-premises deployment options.

Unlimited environments

Create separate environments for your different products. Manage them all from one Kameleoon account.

Highest security and compliance standards

Log in to Kameleoon using single sign-on (SSO) or a strong password policy and experience complete GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliance.

Kameleoon enables hybrid experimentation through a single platform that delivers real benefits to our business.
Adrien Agripnidis

Resources to help you get started

Some of our specialties



  • HIPAA compliant A/B testing and personalization
  • Optimize calendar scheduling
  • Personalize patient messaging and forms



E-commerce & Retail


  • Maximize checkout
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Personalize every shopping experience



financial services


  • GDPR, CCPA compliant

  • Powerful consent management features

  • Optimize customer journeys on app and web



Return on investment
Conversion rate improvement
Increased cross-sell
The Total Economic Impact™ of Kameleoon (2020 - Kameleoon KPIs on 3 years)