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Full stack A/B testing & personalization

Give your product and tech teams the tools to develop and deliver your experiments directly on the server-side. Make it easy to roll out changes gradually, reducing risk and delivering the best digital experience optimization decisions across the customer journey.
AB testing full stack

Full stack: a complementary approach to client-side

Kameleoon is a powerful web and full stack platform for carrying out A/B testing and personalization on the client-side, the server-side and on mobile apps (iOS or Android).

Taking a server-side approach involves creating your A/B tests and personalizations directly on your server by installing a Kameleoon SDK. It’s a complementary approach to client-side testing technologies, allowing your product team and your developers to push your testing and personalization strategy further. 

Why choose between server-side and client-side? Try hybrid tests instead. 

With Kameleoon it is equally possible to run hybrid tests (combining client and server-side), allowing marketing and technical teams to work together on experiments and personalizations :

  • put in place important server-side modifications
  • set KPIs (such as clicks or scrolls or create simple changes (including colors or text) by using the client-side graphic editor.
client side server side
Successful experimentation relies on scalable, powerful technology. Kameleoon provides us with a complete solution, from client and server-side testing to AI-driven personalization, so our clients gain fast business results from their experimentation programs.
Chris Goward
Chris Goward
Founder & CEO

Why use Kameleoon Full Stack?

experimentation developpeurs
Push experimentation further with zero risk

Run deeper experiments and deploy personalizations on the technical architecture of your product and the functionality of your website. Gradually roll out new features to a targeted group of customers before scaling up, reducing risk and empowering your teams.

Carry out your experiments on all channels at the same time

With Kameleoon Full Stack, you can deploy your A/B tests and personalizations on all types of environment, both web and mobile (including apps), to create truly omnichannel customer journeys that provide the same experience to a signed-in visitor across all channels (website, app) and on devices (mobile, desktop). 

gagnez en agilité
Improve agility 

Your experiments are directly implemented in the server language of your choice (PHP, Java, C#, etc.) and launched through your usual working environment, empowering your developers and maximizing productivity.

Enhance real-time performance

By fully managing your server-side tests and personalizations, the page displayed to the visitor is the version directly generated by your servers. That means no more latency caused by the loading of an additional JavaScript tag on your website. The flicker effect also disappears completely and naturally from your A/B tests.

Test all your capacities and make better decisions thanks to full stack testing

In full stack mode you can deploy your A/B tests and personalizations at every stage of the customer journey. Benefit from real-time results delivered through a powerful, scalable and complete full stack solution, helping you move the needle on your digital strategy.

Test the technical architecture of your site

With our full stack A/B testing platform, you can push your optimization strategy further and deeper, thoroughly testing the complete technical architecture of your website or product.

For example, you can determine the impact of new functionality (such as sorting products by popularity vs sorting by price) on website performance or deploy new search algorithms or product recommendations.

Architecture technologique

Optimize your website functionality

Run thorough tests on your website functionality, such as around the deployment of new features or the implementation of new rules.

Use Kameleoon Full Stack to accurately calculate the impact of an offer not only on immediate conversion rates but also on customer LTV (lifetime value), such as by testing changes to your pricing strategy, particularly around shipping charges. 


Gradually roll out new key features to a targeted group of customers

Gradually roll out new features (new search engine algorithms, new payment options, sign-up via Facebook, etc.) to part of your audience on your website or your apps by using our dedicated Feature flagging and rollout interfaces, specially designed for product owners and developers.

By gradually rolling out your features to your visitors, you can successfully reduce risks linked to a bad release, guaranteeing a better take-up from your visitors.

feateure flagging

Deploy personalized experiences at the heart of your sites and apps with Kameleoon Full Stack

With Kameleoon Full stack, put your visitor data at the heart of your personalization strategy and deploy experiences directly from your development environment. 


Test on any mobile app

In full stack mode, you can even deploy your experiments in environments that don’t use classic web architecture, such as native mobile apps on smartphones and tablets. 

mobile app
The improved agility for IT teams that server-side testing brings doesn’t affect the independence of marketing team, who can continue to run experiments using our dedicated graphic and code editor tools. A server-side approach simply provides more testing possibilities and extends the use of experimentation internally by involving all stakeholders (business and technical). It also allows you to deploy A/B tests and personalizations on all devices (mobile, web and apps) via a single platform using a multi-channel approach.
Frédéric De Todaro
Frédéric De Todaro
Chief Product Officer

A solution designed for tech teams

Compatible with your existing technology stack

Maintain control with our wide range of server SDKs and make your modifications while HTML pages are being generated. 

Our SDKs are available for the Java, .NET (C#), Node.js and PHP environments as well as for mobile platforms (iOS Swift, Android Java and React Native).

In an architecture where front-end web servers cache the web pages generated by your back-end servers, A/B tests can be managed on these front-end servers thanks to our Nginx or Apache httpd SDKs.

Sdk serveurs

How does it work?

A simple if/else type code in your back-end environment, coupled with calling methods from our SDK, lets you create variations of your test or personalization to push to your visitors. 

When you launch a server-side test, a single request is sent from Kameleoon to your server for the first visitor exposed to the test.

  1. The first visitor targeted by your test or your personalization arrives on your website
  2.  Your server sends a request to Kameleoon to download the configuration of the experiment settings (solely required for this first visitor).
  3.  Without calling the server, the Kameleoon SDK attributes a variation or a personalized experiment to the visitor and the server generates the experiment code.
  4.  The visitor sees the variation or personalization.
server side

Analyze your tests thanks to our dedicated reporting tools

Benefit from the same reporting interface as for client-side tests and personalizations. Its powerful, real-time capabilities enable you to accurately measure the contribution of each and every experiment to your optimization strategy.

Reporting ab testing
The addition of features allowing the implementation of server-side A/B testing and personalization fulfils our vision of a unified testing platform. We are particularly pleased with the architecture we chose: it has no impact on the time it takes to generate server-side pages, yet guarantees optimal stability and is simple to configure and use.
Jean Noel Rivasseau
Jean-Noël Rivasseau
Founder & CTO

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