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Eden Bidani
Think back to your “whys” and take a closer look at consumer psychology
Eden Bidani, Green Light Copy
Rishi Rawat
Lean into understanding the struggles of shoppers
Rishi Rawat, Frictionless Commerce
Amber Kirkwood
The important thing to remember about testing is not to stop at a failure
Amber Kirkwood, Envato
David Mannheim
Use experimentation to validate ideas, not score goals
David Mannheim, Brainlabs
Austin Kueffner
In a lot of ways, optimization follows the crawl, walk, run process
Austin Kueffner, Outliant
Shiva Manjunath
Abundance of data is great, but there has to be direction to it
Shiva Manjunath, Speero
James Flory
Optimizing doesn't have to be risky even in regulated industries
James Flory, Widerfunnel
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