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Web Experimentation

Make an impact

Unlock growth on any web channel while maintaining the highest data accuracy, performance, and privacy standards.
Web Experimentation
Web Experimentation

Web experimentation the way you want

Flicker free
Guaranteed flicker-free and fast

Our unique technology delivers a higher load for our client’s websites and is still twice as fast as competing solutions. 

code editor
Graphic or by code

Rely on a SPA-compatible smart graphic editor or a code editor to build A/B/n tests. Or deploy experiments from your preferred coding environment.

Powerful segmentation

Build segments with 45+ native targeting criteria or from your CDP. Toggle on native goals and your preferred analytics solution.

The wine collective
Kameleoon is by far the most fully-featured A/B testing tool.
Larissa Enright
Head of E-commerce
The wine collective

Kameleoon’s Web Experimentation solution features

Picto croix géométrique

Unlimited A/B and multivariate testing

With unlimited A/B and multivariate test variations, Kameleoon testing tool makes it easy for brands to test and optimize every desktop and mobile experience.

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Link tests to business goals 

Use one of Kameleoon’s existing goals, or create your own, to track how an A/B test increases conversion rate, retention or visitor engagement. 

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change design and copy without it 

Kameleoon’s smart graphic editor discovers and enables anyone to change, or hide text, colors, images, call-to-action, banners and entire page sections. No coding experience necessary.

Picto parenthèses flèche

A developer-friendly code editor

The Kameleoon code editor enables developers to create more complex experiments directly using JavaScript and CSS code. No WYSIWYG needed.  

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Large widget library 

Use or modify one of Kameleoon’s widgets to easily build better user experience on any device. Create new templates without a developer.

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Audience segmentation 

Build segments based on visitor origin, behavior, or the type of pages they’re viewing in real time. The Kameleoon platform provides over 45 native criteria for segmenting your audience

Picto oeil

Simulate, QA, and share tests

Preview exactly how your test hypotheses work for your intended audience with our simulation tool. Easily share the full experience with key stakeholders for buy-in and approval.

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Dynamic traffic allocation

Manually allocate traffic to a variant or let Kameleoon’s multi-armed bandit automatically push traffic to winning variations before the end of the test.

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HIPaA, GDPR and ccpa compliance

In addition to total regulatory compliance, Kameleoon’s flexible user consent management feature enables clients to adapt their consent management policy to every type of A/B test.

Your martech is our martech


Use your customer data
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Analyze customer behavior


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Adobe Audience Manager
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Work in your environment


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Some of our specialties

Data Accuracy
Data Accuracy Guardrails


  • SRM safeguards with in-app reporting
  • Browser compliance that preserves 3rd party data
  • A customizable attribution window
  • Automatic bot detection and filtering



Experimentation Leaders
Designed for Experimentation Leaders


  • Toggle between a graphic and a code-based editor
  • Allocation, KPI, and reporting features that CRO professionals love
  • Target and personalize experiences with 45+ segmentation criteria
  • Make server-side testing easier using Kameleoon HybridTM



Data Security
Highest Data Security standards


  • Strict HIPAA and GDPR compliance

  • Native consent management features

  • SSO login with every major provider

  • Private cloud



Resources to help you get started

experimentation ebook
The experimentation virtuous cycle
How to drive digital results
With Kameleoon, we can very quickly make changes to our website as soon as we identify an optimization with high added value. These quick-win optimizations enable us to considerably improve the visitor experience and, consequently, our overall conversion rate.
Francois duprat
François Duprat
Head of Product
Return on investment
Conversion rate improvement
Increased cross-sell
The Total Economic Impact™ of Kameleoon (2020 - Kameleoon KPIs on 3 years)