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Powerful experimentation with reliable results for Single Page Applications

Kameleoon works perfectly with all Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks, so you can run A/B tests and feature experiments with ease and confidence.
SPA Experimentation

Kameleoon solves the challenges of running experiments
for single page applications

Premier choix
Marketers’ top choice to run tests on SPAs

Kameleoon automatically monitors SPA changes and lets teams customize graphic editor settings to ensure compatibility with headless websites, and much more.

Icône Toolkit
Complete, SPA-Ready Developer Toolkit

We offer SPA-ready JavaScript APIs as well as React and JavaScript SDKs to enable implementing Kameleoon directly within your stack (NextJS, Gatsby, React, etc.). 

Icône données fiables
Data Accuracy at the Foundation

Refine your SPAs and get reliable results with our advanced web and feature experimentation data accuracy measures, including Sample Ratio Mismatch, CUPED, and more.

One unified platform. All-team experimentation for SPAs.

Confidence to experiment on SPAs

  • Kameleoon allows you to easily experiment on your Single Page Applications, regardless of your development framework. 
  • Our rich documentation will guide you through all experiment setup scenarios, from addressing only a part of your website built as an SPA, to an entire pure SPA website.


Learn more about single page application experiments

Confidence to experiment on SPAs

All-in-one, unified platform

  • Our unified platform allows you to gain the insights you need to amplify results through team collaboration.
  • Kameleoon gives your product teams the tools they need to run experiments while providing marketers with key insights to hit key metrics and targets, all while analyzing in real-time. 
All-in-one, unified platform

Key features for single page applications


Built-in Automatic Navigation Detection

Kameleoon automatically detects visitor navigation between pages allowing for seamless experiments to be conducted even on SPAs.


Automated Interaction Monitoring

Kameleoon tracks the latest SPA updates with MutationObserver, so you can adapt variations in response to changes on your website to continue running experiments. 

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Graphic Editor Ready

Kameleoon will help avoid any issues with experiments coded with our Graphic Editor. You can continue using this technology on your SPA and run insightful experiments.

Developer Resources

API Ready

Utilize our Activation JavaScript API to code your experiments. Refresh the Kameleoon's engine on-demand, enabling comprehensive experimentation within dynamic frameworks.


Data Accuracy Guardrails

Trust your results with experiment guardrails including sample ratio mismatch (SRM), multiple testing correction, custom attribution window, CUPED, and more!

Dynamic traffic allocation

Dynamic Traffic Allocation

Optimize your feature A/B tests by distributing users to the most efficient variations before the test phase has even finished on your SPAs. 

Enhance your SPA A/B testing by integrating with your favorite tools

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SPA A/B testing
Run A/B tests on any Single Page Application (SPA) framework
SPA A/B testing
Set up an experiment on a single-page app (React, Next.JS, Vue.JS,…)
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