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Don’t let inaccurate
data ruin your experimentation program

Kameleoon offers the best feature set for data accuracy in the optimization market.
Data Accuracy

Kameleoon solves the 3 biggest data accuracy challenges
in the optimization industry

Browsers’ privacy regulations

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) prevents long-term tracking and results in heavy data loss and inaccurate reporting.

Kameleoon’s Solution

  • Kameleoon uses a server-side snippet that helps you identify returning visitors and bucket them persistently over time, even if your cookies have been removed.
  • Our automatic back-end/front-end sync backs up data that users wish to store from their LocalStorage into Kameleoon’s servers to ensure you don’t lose data due to browsers’ privacy restrictions.
  • These solutions are GDPR and CCPA compliant and respect customer data privacy by anonymizing data and considering consent status.
Kameleoon’s Solution
Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM)

Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM) can make your experiment results invalid and lead to poor decision-making

Kameleoon’s Solution

  • Kameleoon automatically detects SRM and alerts you when your experiment has potential traffic assignment issues.
  • Our SRM guardrails ensure that you can test your hypotheses in the best conditions possible and trust the validity of your data.
  • Our SRM detection system is native to the Kameleoon platform, so you don’t have to install external extensions to check your tests for SRM.
  • We are proud to be listed in CRO expert Lukas Vermeer’s list of "SRM Checker" solutions.
Kameleoon automatically detects SRM
One-size-fits-all attribution

A one-size-fits-all attribution model leads to falsely unattributed conversions

Kameleoon’s Solution

  • Kameleoon is the only experimentation platform offering Custom Attribution Window, a feature that allows you to customize the duration for which your experiments and personalization campaigns will be credited for affecting a conversion goal or any KPI.
  • This unique feature lets you adapt your attribution window to each optimization situation, even on a campaign-by-campaign basis.
  • With Custom Attribution Window, you also have the flexibility to analyze your campaign results both by Visit and Visitor.
Kameleoon is the only experimentation platform offering Custom Attribution Window

Trust your data with Kameleoon’s additional
data accuracy features


Bayesian or Frequentist? You decide how you determine statistical significance. Plus, Kameleoon is the only platform that allows you to analyze results by Visit or Visitor.


With our mutually exclusive experiment logic, and thanks to Kameleoon Hybrid™, you can easily include or exclude those visitors from client-side tests who have been exposed to any server-side tests, and vice versa, with no code.


You never have to question whether your results are reliable because Kameleoon automatically detects and filters bot traffic on your sites, even in server-side experiments, thanks to Kameleoon Hybrid™.

Brands trusting the validity of their experiments
with Kameleoon 

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