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Power server-side experiments with client-side benefits

Kameleoon is the only platform that lets you create server-side experiments with client-side capabilities and plugs into your existing tech stack for in-depth analysis and activation.
Hybrid Experimentation - Power server-side experiments with client-side benefits

Kameleoon HybridTM makes server-side testing
more valuable and easier for all types of teams

Hybrid TechStack


Get the ROI on 
your tech stack

Sync server-side experiment results to your preferred activation and analytics solutions without developer resources.

Hybrid Segmentation


Stop wasting your

Retrieve your existing  third-party audiences from other martech tools and target them in server-side tests without extra coding.

Experimentation Schedule


Own your experimentation schedule

Target, track and manage server-side tests independently from release cycles. Developers get to focus on delivery.

The top 3 benefits of  Kameleoon HybridTM technology

Check a box to plug Kameleoon into any solution within your tech stack for activation and analysis

  • Leverage our plug-and-play, no-code integrations to sync and unify your experimentation data in your preferred solutions, improve your site performance while reducing the development efforts and the amount of code to maintain. 
  • Analyze or activate against your data gained from server-side tests with any other tool in your tech stack.
  • Use your existing segmentation strategy from your data solutions, including Mixpanel, Segment, Google Analytics, and more, to provide your target audiences with relevant, personalized experiences.
Tracking and Goals

Analyze server-side experiment data in real time with built-in client-side data points

  • With Kameleoon HybridTM , we are the only A/B testing solution to natively collect performance metrics client-side, even on your server-side experiments.
  • Gain rich insights about your audiences with data traditionally available for client-side tests only, like time spent on page or the number of pages viewed, without additional coding required.
    Use our templated in-app reports offering 25+ filtering and breakdown criteria which you normally would only find client-side (e.g. new or returning visitors, browser, device type).
server side experiment data analysis

Target users by using our 20+ out-of-the-box, no-code targeting conditions

  • With Kameleoon’s native ability to connect to your tech stack, you can use our platform to target users without having to create custom code to define targeting conditions. 
  • Leverage our exclusive / targeted campaigns capabilities to only target users in a web experiment if those users have not already been bucketed in a server-side experiment.
  • Kickstart your experimentation program faster with our 20+ pre-built conditions that cover a variety oftargeting criteria. They include visitor behavior and visit patterns, visit frequency, IP geolocation, campaigns and converted goals, being targeted by web or feature experiments, user system parameters such as browser, OS, device, custom data and much more.
external segments for server side experiment


Kameleoon HybridTM enables a truly unified platform for all-team experimentation


Benefit from a shared UI and stats engine

Kameleoon HybridTM leverages the same data model we have been developing for 12+ years and offers the same targeting and reporting features our client-side experimenters love.

Statistical Tools

Rely on powerful statistical tools

We provide guardrails for Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM) and let you decide how you determine statistical significance: with a Frequentist or Bayesian model.

Selective Timelines

More accurate results, faster

Kameleoon’s Custom Attribution Window lets you decide how long your campaign will be credited for affecting a conversion goal or KPI. With CUPED, you can see results faster, even with lower traffic pages.

Hybrid Targettive

Optimize your targeting

Know which experiment is run by each of your teams. Exclude visitors that are a part of product-run server-side experiments from your web conversion tests, and the other way around. 

Graphic Editor

Extendive SDK support

Take advantage of 12+ zero-latency SDKs, serverless SDKs to support the implementation of your Feature Experiments, without impacting your website or mobile app performance.



Take control of your server-side experiments with our no-code graphic editor. After the initial configuration, you are free to modify your experiments anytime, quickly and easily.

Developer Resources

Free up developer resources

Leverage Kameleoon’s data bridges to integrate your experiments into your tech stack for analytics and activation, without having to ask for developer help.

Fear the Bot

Fear no bot

You never have to question whether your results are reliable because Kameleoon automatically detects and filters bot traffic on your sites, even in server-side experiments, thanks to Hybrid™.

In App Reporting

Get robust in-app reporting

Analyze your Hybrid experiments with automatically generated reports in Kameleoon. Evaluate your experiments with 25+ templated filtering and breakdown criteria.

Play VS
Hybrid experiments help our teams a lot, since we can build our tests server-side, then keep using Heap and Segment on the client-side, without additional coding from our developers. Our team is always looking for opportunities to save time for our developers. With Kameleoon, we don't have to keep turning to them for help.
Nick Lesec
Product Manager at PlayVS
Play VS

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Feature Matrix

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