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We make it easy to test and personalize digital experiences

Fast, secure, feature-rich, and open, Kameleoon’s single platform serves every team’s need.

Why brands value Kameleoon


Kameleoon’s single platform delivers three solutions

A/B testing


Easily test copy, design, entire pages, and product features on all channels and devices without impacting performance. 


Full Stack


Roll out new features with confidence. Test prototypes, prices, and algorithms. Run experiments in real-time everywhere in your tech stack. 




Provide every visitor with an individualized experience. Harness AI to trigger relevant messaging to every customer based on Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™). 


In depth review
In-depth review of the Kameleoon platform


Easy, smart, and powerful for all team types

A smart graphic editor

Kameleoon’s smart graphic editor reads every page element and intelligently gives any team member the option to change the copy, look, and layout in three clicks. Work in code or graphically. Save time, increase efficiency, and prevent mistakes. 

graphic editor

Kameleoon HybridTM makes server-side testing easy for everyone

Kameleoon is the only platform that lets you create server-side experiments with client-side capabilities and plugs into your existing tech stack for in-depth analysis and activation.

hybrid experimentation

A library of widgets and powerful segment builder

Pick from our extensive library of ready-to-use widgets and segments builders. Make or code your own widget templates and add custom data to create specialized segments.

segment builder

Code editor and languages for every developer

No more copying and pasting. Developers can code tests in the Kameleoon platform, in Git or MS Visual Studio, or server side, using their preferred SDK. 

code editor

Simulate, QA, and share new experiences

Visualize your variations and changes exactly as you intend for your targeted audience before you publish them. Easily simulate and share changes with senior leaders and team members.

simulation mode
france tv
When a personalization or a test is validated internally, it only takes us a few minutes to put it online from the Kameleoon platform.
Ghita Taoujni
Ghita Taoujni
Director of Data Marketing
france tv


AI delivers experiences designed to convert 

Predict visitor intent and segment with AI

Our machine-learning algorithms predict each visitor’s purchase or engagement intention in real-time. Specific variations or personalizations are automatically triggered using the Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™) system, ensuring the visitor is served the best experience with the highest likelihood of achieving the desired goal. 



How our AI-powered is different 

Visitor centric

Kameleoon AI focuses on discovering the correlations between visitors who accomplished a goal and those who did not, instead of pushing similar products. 

Real-time, 24/7

Our AI engine continuously analyzes visitor intent data in real-time. This means that your site triggers the right actions at the perfect moment - not after the event.

Usage centric

We don’t recommend AI to our customers just for the sake of it; we create solutions for their unique business challenges. Our AI platform adapts to your use case.

Until now, we carried out manual scoring of our visitors to determine the quality of the leads we then sent to our dealers. Kameleoon's AI outperforms this manual scoring by targeting visitors precisely according to their interest in particular models and also saves us a lot of time.
julien descombes
Julien Descombes
Digital Communication Manager


Focused on data security and compliance

Strict GDPR and CCPA compliance

The Kameleoon platform does not gather or analyze any personal data, as defined by the GDPR and CCPA. We solely collect anonymous browsing data, which never enables the visitor to be identified. 

Brands can add existing personal information on visitors to Kameleoon from other solutions (such as CRM or CDP systems), in order to enhance the segmentation and/or analysis of results. In this case, we will process this data according to the contract between us, respecting your written instructions on how it is processed.

Our data is stored in one of our Data Centers in the US, Europe and Asia, guaranteeing that it will be processed in compliance with local legislation (GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA). 

gdpr ccpa

HIPAA and PHI compliance

With a long history of successfully handling and protecting data including Protected Health Information (PHI), Kameleoon is able to enter into Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with healthcare providers. Companies that need to be HIPAA compliant can use Kameleoon for both A/B testing and personalization projects.


Proud  IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) vendor

Kameleoon achieved approved status from IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0, demonstrating that it complies with its advanced specifications and policies. Our TCF approval helps our international media clients to ensure compliance around privacy and consent.


Customize consent based on your needs

Our unique flexible user-consent management feature enables clients to apply their consent management policy, adapted to every type of A/B test that they carry out. This enables brands to improve the visitor experience while guaranteeing GDPR-compliance and meeting user needs around privacy.

consent management



Powerful integrations with your martech stack

Native integrations with top third-party solutions

You need your testing platform to integrate with the tools you use most. In addition to countless custom integrations, Kameleoon integrates natively with your tech ecosystem, including analytics, CRM, CDP, CMS and email solutions. 

Build custom integrations in a day 

To give developers an easy, flexible and fast way to build an integration with any third-party application and to enable marketers a simpler way to build audience segments, we created the Kameleoon Custom Data Bridge. Our public APIs and documentation enable limitless app-to-app creation. 

Use your customer data


Analyze customer behavior


Adobe Audience Manager
Work in your environment



Technology expertise is part of our DNA

Designed for real-time and predictive actions

Kameleoon was founded by AI pioneer Jean-Noël Rivasseau, who led our R&D team to embrace AI in 2012. Our platform architecture is the cornerstone of our technology stack and is built on the most modern infrastructure to enable real-time actions, performance, stability and reliability. 

Designed for real time

Faster, stronger, better with TypeScript 

Already one of the lightest and most powerful platforms,  Kameleoon switched its platform language and engine to TypeScript in 2020. TypeScript enables Kameleoon to deliver tests and personalizations without any website performance impact, while making the platform easier and more reliable for developers to build custom integrations.



A global data center network

The Kameleoon Content Delivery Network (CDN) is made up of more than 100 worldwide relay points. Your tests, personalizations and experiences are automatically routed via the closed CDN to serve your visitors in real-time, wherever they are. 

Data is stored in one of our data centers in the US, Europe and Asia, guaranteeing that it will be processed in compliance with local legislation such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA

global data center

Built for tomorrow’s enterprise needs

Easy launch

Kameleoon lets you get up and running immediately. Simply add a line of JavaScript code and a configuration. No complex tagging plan necessary.

Lighter and faster code

At 30.7 KB, our TypeScript engine delivers a higher load for our clients websites and is still twice as fast as competing solutions.


Kameleoon unique technology never slows web page loading and removes the flicker effect from your A/B tests.

Cross-domain and cross-device

Run your tests across multiple domains and on any device with zero latency. 

Real-time data collection & processing

Big Data architecture. NoSQL. No storage in cookies. Automatic management of ITP 2.3.

Multiple SDK languages

Instant bucketing. Our cache-friendly environment allows you to work in your preferred SDK language.


Awards and recognition


From G2 and TrustRadius to Forrester

Challenger in The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms - Q4 2020

2022 Top Rated in A/B Testing, Feature Management and Ecommerce Personalization categories

2022 Momentum Leader in A/B Testing and Leader in Personalization Software

We like it.
Kameleoon enters The Forrester Wave™ Experience Optimization Platforms, Q4 2020


Our specialties


A/B testing, personalization, and feature management expertise and experience for every industry and business model 

  • HIPAA compliant a/b testing and personalization
  • Optimize calendar scheduling
  • Personalize patient messaging and forms



E-commerce & Retail
  • Maximize checkout
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Personalize every shopping experience



financial  services
  • GDPR, CCPA compliant
  • Powerful consent management features
  • Optimize customer journeys on app and web



Return on investment
Conversion rate improvement
Increased cross-sell
The Total Economic Impact™ of Kameleoon (2020 - Kameleoon KPIs on 3 years)