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A/B Testing

Base your UX decisions on reliable data to offer your visitors an exceptional digital experience.
A/B testing

Your Customers deserve the best Experience

Test and validate your UX hypotheses using our A/B testing and multivariate testing tool, to provide your visitors with an optimal user experience, across desktop and mobile. 

Join these leading brands who already rely on Kameleoon for A/B testing

Why use A/B testing?


Increase conversions

Optimize conversion rates by delivering a better experience to visitors.


Engage visitors

An exceptional user experience is central to engaging with your brand, convincing and retaining your visitors.


Understand your visitors

Deepen your knowledge of your visitors by testing and analyzing how different elements of your pages impact their behavior.


Make informed decisions, minimize risks

A/B testing your hypotheses eradicates risks, meaning you make decisions based on accurate data, rather than on subjective hunches.


Optimize time and budget

Concentrate your efforts (and your money) on what works best for all your audience thanks to A/B test analysis.

How to create successful A/B tests with Kameleoon

A facilitated Test & Learn approach

Kameleoon offers the simplest test interface, making it easy for UX and marketing teams to run tests and use the results to provide visitors with the most optimized experience on desktop and mobile.

Use our smart graphic editor to change elements such as text, colors, product visuals, CTA size, banners, and their order in just a few clicks, ready for testing.

Thanks to Kameleoon’s smart graphic editor, we now have a systematic test procedure in place.
Colin Goldberg
Monetization & Optimization Manager - M6 WEB
M6 Web

A dedicated multivariate testing tool

With Kameleoon’s multivariate testing (MVT) tool, you can simultaneously test all the possible combinations of different elements on the same page.


Target optimizations at the right people

With Kameleoon’s A/B testing solution, you can test elements with a specific part of your audience. 

Check your hypotheses with defined visitor segments, using 40 in-built criteria such as location, behavior, context or the type of pages they’ve viewed.


Manage your A/B tests

Kameleoon’s A/B testing solution offers a dedicated reporting tool including dashboards, providing multiple ways to visualize the results of your experiments.

It delivers clear recommendations that teams can immediately act on, continuously improving and optimizing your website UX: 

  • continuously analyze the results of A/B tests
  • access a detailed analysis of visitor behavior to obtain accurate, actionable insight
  • monitor and manage the performance of your tests in real-time. 

Test on the server side

No longer limit yourself to front-end optimizations

Thoroughly A/B test your code when rolling out new product features such as search results sorting, product recommendation algorithms, pricing strategies and offers. Test the relevance of your algorithms through the functionality of the Kameleoon platform.

Increase performance and reduce risk

Control all aspects of your website performance without needing to install a JavaScript tag. You can control all aspects of your website performance. Immediately understand the impact of product developments, architecture performance improvements or changes in your back-end before rolling them out to all your visitors. Your optimizations are carried out independently of your usual code release processes.


Compatible with your technology stack

Kameleoon includes SDKs to connect to the most commonly used platforms.

See our developer documentation for a full list. 


Success stories from brands who run A/B tests with Kameleoon

Success Story A/B Testing

Belambra generates 19% more bookings with a shorter conversion funnel

Success Story A/B Testing

Renault increases appointment requests by 63% with an optimized conversion funnel

europ assistance
Success Story A/B Testing

Europ Assistance generates 3.5 times more leads with an optimized conversion funnel

Kameleoon’s many functionalities enable us to carry out simple tests as well as much more complex ones, with a surprising ease of implementation, which was very beneficial, for example, when we were overhauling our online quote creation funnel.
Ouassima Zakraoui
Head of Digital & CRM France

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