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Clear licenses and plans to power experimentation

Kameleoon’s simple pricing model ensures your experiments won’t stop and eliminates the headaches of tracking separate complex quotas
Web Experimentation
Unlimited testing with visual and front end code editor on any website.
A/B/n testing
Visual & Code Editor
Fastest snippet on the market
100% anti-flicker guarantee
Segment builder with 40+ targeting conditions
QA & Simulation mode
Real-time results
Personalization capabilities
Widget Studio with templates, code, and visual editor
Advanced reporting & raw data export
Feature Experimentation
Unlimited feature flagging and experimentation on all devices, websites and mobile apps.
Feature flags & experiments
Targeted & progressive delivery rules
Segment builder with 20+ targeting conditions
Real-time results
Remote update with variables
Rollback rules, automation, alerts
12+ SDKs for web & mobile apps
Experimentation on the Edge (Fastly, Vercel, Cloudflare, AWS, Akamai, Nginx)
Tech debt management
Advanced reporting & raw data export
Included with every license
Unlimited Experiments
Unlimited Environments
Unlimited Data & events
Unlimited Feature flags
Unlimited User seats
Unlimited Tested traffic

Grow your program with our transparent pricing model

one license price picto


Choose the license and get a simple quote based on the average monthly unique users.

Predictable & tied to growth picto


No need to worry about fee increases within the year even if your traffic grows.



We won’t turn off your experiments if you grow faster than expected.

Build on your license by adding advanced capabilities.
AI Predictive Targeting
Target your most engaged prospects with Kameleoon Conversion Score.
Product Recommendation
Boost add-to-cart, cross-sell, upsell, and revenue.
Personalized Search
Display best-matched products to every visitor.
Product Targeting
Boost sales with product targeting and social proofing.
Data WAREHOUSE Integrations
Create a single source of truth with Big Query, Snowflake and other integrations.
Real-Time Streaming Architecture
Get the benefit of real-time experiment results and instant feature flag updates.
How do you estimate my annual price?

Your annual license price will be based on the average number of monthly unique users of your website or mobile app over the last 12 months, whether you choose web, feature experimentation or both, and your optional modules and add-ons. Learn more


Some companies price based on monthly tracked users (MTU). What is the difference?

Kameleoon pricing ensures you will get results faster, and you will not be caught off-guard having to pay more if you exceed your quota. Learn more about the differences in approach here.

Do you charge for setup?

We provide a straightforward setup quote based on the products and services you require. This ensures transparency and allows you to plan your budget effectively.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts based on contract length and other considerations, allowing you to save more with longer commitments.

Does Kameleoon operate in real time?

Yes, Kameleoon reports experiment results as soon as they are available, typically after the first visit has been inactive for the last 30 minutes. Additionally, we offer a real-time event view for Feature Flags, enabling you to see the evaluations received over the last 24 hours, with the option to view data down to the minute. 

Can I get a free trial of web or feature experimentation?

Yes, you can sign up for a free trial of Feature Experimentation here. To set up a trial for Web Experimentation, please contact Kameleoon.

Do you offer discounts if we sign up for both Web and Feature Experimentation?

Yes, opting for both licenses reduces the overall cost compared to purchasing each product separately, offering you better value.

Do you charge for cross-device reconciliation?

Cross-device reconciliation is included for both web and feature experimentation, ensuring seamless user experience across all devices.

Is personalization included in your plans?

Yes, all our plans include the ability to run an unlimited number of web personalizations, allowing you to tailor the user experience extensively.

What happens if I go over my tested traffic?

Our pricing is based on your average Monthly Unique Visitors over the last 12 months. This means you can conduct as many experiments as needed without any risk of being locked out, even if your tested traffic spikes.

What happens if my traffic goes up during the year? Will I pay more?

No, you won’t pay more if your traffic increases during the year. We review pricing annually, providing stability and predictability for your budgeting.

Can I see my current usage level or get alerts if I exceed the limit?

Yes, you can monitor your usage directly on our platform or consult with your account manager for more detailed insights. With our pricing based on average Monthly Unique Visitors, you’ll never unexpectedly exceed your limits.

Do you charge to set up integrations?

Yes, a custom setup fee applies only if the integration requires a tailored solution.

Do you charge based on events or other metrics?

No, we charge based on Monthly Unique Visitors, ensuring a straightforward and predictable pricing model.