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Unlimited experimentation

Optimize and personalize any channel on every device with a unified platform that is designed for experimentation leaders and growth marketers.
Experimentation Leaders
Experimentation Learders

High-velocity experimentation teams
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Power up with an optimization platform that offers scale, security, and performance

  • Build flicker-free experiments on the web client or server-side. Or, instantly update your mobile app. Kameleoon makes building tests easy and always secure
  • The unified platform gives leaders and growth marketers one UI, data model, dashboard, and results page to manage, understand, and action any type of test. 
An optimization platform that offers scale, security, and performance

Experiment on your terms, connected to your data stack

  • Use your preferred experimentation mode within Kameleoon, with code editor or with our powerful and user-friendly graphic editor and widget editor, to empower everyone, from conversion optimization to feature experimentation to data analyst teams.
  • Leverage data from your data warehouse (DWH) with Kameleoon’s DWH integrations.
  • Send your experiment results directly to your preferred tools for activation and in-depth analysis or export a complete raw experiment dataset.
Modern Data Stack

Run robust server-side experiments on your schedule

  • Ask your developers to code the variation of your experiment. Manage, track goals and analyze the performance of it in your preferred tools without asking more to your developers.
  • Launch sophisticated server-side feature tests that have no impact on site performance. Find your SDK here.
  • Track and manage your experiments independently from your developers’ release cycles with Kameleoon HybridTM

Our FEATURE Experimentation solution

Server-side testing

Harness AI for predictive personalization

  • Personalize experiences based on price sensitivity, acquisition channel, behavior, persona, Kameleoon’s 45+ criteria, or segments stored in any data layer.
  • Activate AI to trigger relevant messaging to every customer based on their Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™).

Our AI-Driven Personalization solution

Predictive personalization with AI
Kameleoon is easy to use, works in all environments and has less impact on page load.
Peter Ernst
Senior Optimization Manager (US)

Made for growth leaders who can do more 

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Smart graphic editor

Kameleoon’s smart graphic editor enables anyone to edit, swap, move, hide or drag any UX element without a developer. It’s SPA-compatible too.

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Frontend developers have multiple options to build complex experiments directly using our JS/CSS code editor or working in Git or MS Visual studio environments.



Run experiments server-side while enjoying client-side capabilities. Save hours of developer time with our exclusive, Kameleoon HybridTM.

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Quickly build (with or without a developer) new or edit existing forms, pop-ups, banners, and other UX elements with Kameleon’s 40+ widget library.

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Manually allocate traffic to an A/B test or let Kameleoon dynamic traffic allocation automatically push traffic to a winning variation as soon as it’s detected.

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Build segments based on visitor behavior, custom grouping, and/or any data layer. The Kameleoon platform provides 45+ native segmentation criteria.

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Easy and reliable KPI tracking

Rely on a custom goal library or create new tracking KPIs on the fly. Kameleoon makes it easy to track the performance of any KPI.

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QA tests prelaunch

Preview your A/B tests in production-like conditions with our simulation mode. Or use our Chrome extension to preview all metrics and troubleshoot.

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GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA-compliant

Kameleoon doesn't collect or process any personal data or PHI as defined by GDPR and HIPAA. Teams also have a consent management feature that can adapt to every test.

the wine collective
Kameleoon is by far the most fully-featured A/B testing tool.
Larissa Enright
Larissa Enright
Head of Experimentation
the wine collective

Resources to help you get started

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How to move from client to server-side testing
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