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With Kameleoon Predict™, your visitors enjoy experiences customized to their purchase intention

May 17, 2019
In a shop, a good sales adviser will listen to, observe and understand the intentions of their customers to adapt their messages and offers to what they have perceived about each person. With Kameleoon Predict™, you can now replicate this individualized support online at scale, to boost your conversion rate and, ultimately, your turnover. This new solution is unique in the A/B testing and personalization market. It exploits the full value of visitors’ data (for both identified and anonymous visitors) to measure their purchase intention in real time and individualize their experience.

Welcome to the era of AI-driven personalization

Kameleoon Predict™ is a unique tool enabling marketers to measure visitors’ purchase intention and to individualize messages, content and offers in real time. Co-constructed by our R&D team and our customers, Kameleoon Predict™ is the culmination of 24 months of work aimed at turning personalization into a real lever for increasing our customers’ turnover and margins. Kameleoon Predict™ frees marketers from the constraints of lengthy data projects. The feature is installed through a single script and can increase turnover and margins in under 4 weeks.

What is it used for?

With Kameleoon Predict™ and the real-time measurement of visitors’ purchase intention, brands can finally shift from segmented marketing to predictive marketing in order to individualize their actions for each visitor. This makes many new personalization options possible, such as:
  • Identifying the optimal target for a marketing action;
  • Optimally personalizing the homepage during a return visit or reorganizing the visuals, navigation menu or slider;
  • Triggering — at the right time or on a given page — the action with the greatest chance of guaranteeing the conversion (e.g. urgency messages or social proof);
  • Improving online advertising performance by retargeting only the population that has been identified as being tempted by an offer.

And what are its advantages?


By using Kameleoon Predict™ to handle data complexity and volumetry to identify the optimal target for their actions, marketers will save precious time they can then spend on what really matters: their strategy.

Real-time activation

Kameleoon Predict™ can be added to the Kameleoon platform’s existing native activation features. Any personalization actions (pop-in, page modification, etc.), become very easy and are automatically triggered according to how the visitor’s purchase intention evolves in real time.

Maximized ROI

The predictive approach obtains results that are systematically superior to the human approach. Kameleoon Predict™ offers our customers a guaranteed ROI.

Kameleoon Predict™ in action: Toyota doubles sales and margins

Toyota uses Kameleoon Predict™ to manage the purchasing maturity cycle of all visitors and to identify those who are the most likely to buy a vehicle: the aim being to have them visit a car dealership. Each visitor enjoys an experience that is individualized according to their “heat” score or Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™), which is a direct reflection of their purchasing intention. If the KCS™ is below 20, the visitor is considered to be cold. No  specific action is proposed.
KCS < 20 EN

If the visitor’s KCS™ is between 20 and 30, the visitor is considered to be starting to feel tempted. They will be invited to request a brochure, so that their personal details can be collected.

KCS < 40 EN

If the visitor’s KCS™ is between 30 and 60, they will be invited to customize their vehicle using the configurator.

KCS < 40 EN

Finally, once the KCS™ is above 60, the visitor is considered to be sufficiently qualified to justify offering them a free, two-day test drive to incite them to visit a dealership. It is essential for Toyota that this offer only be pushed out to leads showing both a strong appetite for the brand and a genuine intent to purchase. This type of incentive is costly and can only be justified if the probability of purchase is high.

KCS < 45_60 EN

Thanks to Kameleoon Predict™, Toyota has managed to double its sales and also reduce its promotional offer costs by half.

But how does it actually work?

Kameleoon Predict™ relies on Machine Learning algorithms that measure each website visitor’s purchase intention throughout their journey on the site. The visitors can be customers or prospects, identified or anonymous. Kameleoon’s Artificial Intelligence engine processes and analyses all of the visitors’ intention data (behavioral and contextual), potentially enriched by data from the brand’s data ecosystem (CRM, CDP, DMP, etc.) which are displayed in Kameleoon via its data connectors. The A.I. used in Kameleoon Predict™ observes visitor behavior, draws correlations between visitors and measures each visitor’s conversion probability in real time. 

How does it work Kameleoon predict

The Kameleoon platform captures visitors’ intention data, to which data from the brand’s ecosystem may be added (1st, 2nd and 3rd party data connectors). Kameleoon Predict™ relies on the KCS™ (Kameleoon Conversion Score), a proprietary metric developed by Kameleoon to calculate a visitor’s heat score. Kameleoon Predict™ enables marketers to see the breakdown of all their visitors according to their purchase intention; this is shown in the form of KCS™ heat ranges.

KCS Kameleoon predict

On the Kameleoon Predict™ platform: breakdown of visitors according to their purchase intention. On this bar chart, they are split into 20 ranges of equal parts based on their heat score.

For every given action on the website (purchase, filling in a form, etc.), the marketer sees the breakdown of their visitors according to their conversion probability. The visitors are split into ranges, from “coldest” (i.e. showing zero or low purchase intention) to “hottest” (i.e. with a very high purchase intention). For each range, there is a corresponding identity card, which indicates its conversion rate, turnover and average cart amount. The marketer can also zoom in on a range to see its characteristics, whatever the level of detail required: returning/new visitors, desktop/mobile, origin, visit history, etc.

Detailed characteristics of the range of visitors with a KCS 40-45 heat score[/caption] Finally, Kameleoon Predict™ detects the most valuable opportunities for launching a commercial or marketing action. It tells marketers which key ranges have the most significant potential gain in turnover and/or margin.

The opportunities presenting the highest increment in turnover are indicated using symbols.

To find out more about Kameleoon Predict™, request a personalized demo!


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