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Personalization in the Media sector

Relevant content.
An engaged audience.
Capture your audience’s attention with our A/B testing and AI-driven personalization platform. Offer every one of your visitors a fully personalized digital experience to increase their engagement and prevent churn.
Some of our Media Customers
RTL Interactive

How Kameleoon helps media companies to seamlessly manage consumer consent around privacy

In the media industry, we are continually developing our platform to support our clients when it comes to compliance. 

Kameleoon has achieved approved status from IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0, demonstrating that it complies with its specifications and policies. IAB Europe is the European association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem and our TCF approval helps our growing range of international media clients to ensure seamless compliance around privacy and consent.

iab tcf
Kameleoon assists you with all your use cases, whatever your business challenges
A/B testing
AI personalization
Your challenge

Increasing subscriptions.

Our solution

Thanks to Kameleeon’s AI and predictive targeting, you can detect each visitor’s level of interest, encouraging them to subscribe to the most relevant content, converting more browsers into subscribers.

Your challenge

Diversifying and optimizing alternative income streams, such as advertising and affiliate marketing.

Our solution

Measure visitor tolerance for advertising content thanks to our AI-driven personalization solution. Optimize ad display and effectiveness of your campaigns in real-time.

Your challenge

Actively addressing churn rates, whether through visitors leaving the website or from passive unsubscription.

Our solution

Anticipate churn by identifying visitors that are preparing to end their relationship with your brand, and trigger personalized actions to retain them.

Your challenge

Offering a seamless, frictionless user experience.

Our solution

Offer your visitors a high-quality, engaging experience by making the best UX decisions with our A/B testing tool.

Your challenge

Engaging audiences with your content to reduce bounce rates.

Our solution

Our AI personalization platform lets you offer the right content to the right visitors at the right time: driving loyalty to your content and brand.

To create our captive audience, we needed a personalization and testing solution that would allow us to roll out all of our UX optimization and content personalization projects in an agile manner. We chose Kameleoon for its expertise in the media sector, and we have never regretted this decision!
Ghita Taoujni
Ghita Taoujni
Director of Marketing & Data
An Open Platform across your Ecosystem
Kameleoon integrates and connects natively to all your data, analytics and marketing solutions
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Optimizing conversions on media websites
Le Figaro
reduced churn by notifying readers that their payment card was about to expire
in the volume of banking details updated

The churn rate is a significant loyalty indicator for Le Figaro. With Kameleoon, we rolled out a personalization campaign displaying a warning message solely for readers whose payment card was about to expire. This offered us an efficient solution for retaining readers who were about to leave, without impacting other visitors.
Gilles Corbineau
Director of E-business & Subscriptions
le figaro


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