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Personalize the visitor experience based on individual behavior and characteristics analyzed in real time with AI.
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Each visitor is unique

With Kameleoon you can provide every visitor with an individualized experience designed to meet their exact expectations. Adapt your offers, messages and content in real-time for each visitor, based on their characteristics and how their purchase intent changes. Kameleoon’s personalization increases visitor engagement, your conversion rates and ultimately your revenues.

Kameleoon enables you to implement a scalable, high-volume online personalization strategy:

  1. Gather and analyze visitor data

  2. Segment visitors based on this information

  3. Create personalized experiences with the graphic editor

  4. Trigger the most relevant experiences in real-time, based on each visitor’s intention to convert. 

Why personalize?


Transforming your visitors into buyers, subscribers or prospects is a key challenge for digital marketers. By personalizing each visitor’s experience, you deliver on their expectations and their needs at a given moment, and guide them naturally towards conversion.


Maximize visitor and customer engagement by providing targeted content, products and browsing experiences that precisely meet their expectations.


Identify the visitors who are preparing to leave your website, and trigger personalized actions at the right time to retain them.

Identify the most qualified potential leads from your website visitors and send them the right message that will convince them to take action, such as providing their contact details, making an appointment or engaging with your brand in other ways.

Maximize the ROI of your marketing and commercial actions by only targeting incentives at the right visitors at the right time.


Keep your customers by exactly meeting their individual expectations , rather than delivering a generic, less engaging experience.

The benefits for brands investing in Kameleoon

To highlight the benefits Kameleoon can deliver, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may gain by deploying Kameleoon’s AI-powered web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform.

Read the full study >

How to Personalize Successfully

Visitor Segmentation

The key to personalizing the digital experience is correctly segmenting your audience. Kameleoon’s segment builder provides over 40 detailed criteria you can use to divide your audience, such as behavior on site, location and time. 

All the visitor data you collect on your website can be used for segmentation criteria. Thanks to its open APIs, all your data (both hot and cold) can be fed into the Kameleoon platform.

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Manual and Automated Segmentation

With Kameleoon, you can build segments from your visitor data in two distinct ways, depending on your business goals:



You segment your audience according to manual criteria selected in advance. The criteria you choose can be based on data analysis or other findings.

Automated using AI

You entrust Kameleoon Predict™, our AI-driven personalization solution, with the real-time scoring of your visitors, based on the probability of converting to a pre-set goal.

Our machine-learning algorithms analyze all the characteristics of your visitors, particularly around their behavior, establishing correlations between them. This is used to create the Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™), a real-time heat score for each of your visitors. You can easily visualize the breakdown of all your visitors according to their purchase intention in the form of KCS™ heat ranges.

Kameleoon Predict™ makes it simple for you to identify the most interesting personalization opportunities, triggering individualized sales or marketing actions in real-time, ensuring you meet the expectations of every visitor.


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Omnichannel Use

With the multiplication of channels and points of contact, customer journeys are increasingly complex. Figures show that 73% of your customers will use multiple channels prior to conversion. To address this complexity, expand your personalization strategy to cover every channels and device.

Kameleoon enables you to: 

  • Match your data across channels;

  • Optimize your points of contact between channels according to the expectations of every visitors;

  • Identify actionable use cases.

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Omnichannel marketing is the number one challenge for Thanks to Kameleoon, we are significantly improving customer conversion and retention by offering experiences that are relevant to our customers, based on their level of experience with the brand or the device used.
benoit bouffart
Benoit Bouffart
Chief Product Officer

Deliver Complete Personalization

Orchestrate your experience personalizations with Kameleoon, based on your business goals: 

Content Personalization

Highlight the most relevant content for visitors depending on their interests and needs as soon as they arrive on your website.

With our WYSIWYG editor, quickly and easily change any element on your website pages.

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Message Personalization

Trigger your marketing or sales messages in real-time. 

Personalized messages are dynamically displayed depending on visitor behavior. Define where they appear (on the page, above the page or by e-mail) and manage marketing objectives and budgets through a wide range of rules (Frequency, Capping, Prioritization, Storyboarding).


Browser Personalization

Adapt the visitor’s journey on your website based on their behavior. This enhances their experience and encourages them to more naturally convert to your goals. For example, you can highlight the product category that they have visited most, reorganizing sections and menus of your website to provide focus.

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On-site merchandising personalization

Reorganize your merchandising for each visitor depending on the products or price categories that they visit. For example, you can highlight products based on the visitor’s budget, only focus on certain products, support with social proof or deploy urgency messages.

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E-mail Personalization

By linking Kameleoon to your e-mail solution, easily automate e-mails around product recommendations, session or cart abandonment. Define triggers, actions and conditions in just three clicks.


Ad personalization

By activating the Kameleoon Conversion Score (LINK) KCS™ across multiple touchpoints you can retarget your visitors with personalized content in any advertising system (including Google Ads and Facebook Ads)

With Kameleoon Ad personalization, you can improve the relevance of adverts based on each visitor’s conversion propensity, offering a better, more targeted online experience. Ad personalization also helps you to optimize ad retargeting costs and increase advertising ROI by retargeting the right visitors in order to bring them back to your websites and apps.

Kameleoon conversion score
auchan retail
Success Story Personalization

Auchan Retail

18% sales increase with homepage personalization using DMP data
Success Story Personalization


nearly doubled leads generated thanks to predictive targeting.
Success Story Personalization

Rakuten Priceminister

+20% conversions thanks to contextual messages
The Kameleoon platform lets us optimize the impact of our promotions and our commercial messages using algorithms that identify the optimal target for each action and triggers actions at the right time. On average, Kameleoon multiplies the ROI of our promotional campaigns three-fold.
simon berthet bonder
Simon Berthet-Bondet
Head of Search and Merchandising

Manage your Personalization Experiences

Our dedicated personalization reporting dashboard lets you:

  • Analyze the results of personalization experiences at a glance;

  • Drill down into audience behaviour to obtain in-depth, directly actionable insight;

  • Monitor and manage the performance of your personalizations in real-time.

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Kameleoon flexible consent management

Our unique flexible user-consent management feature enables clients to apply their consent management policy, adapted to every type of A/B test that they carry out. This enables brands to improve the visitor experience while guaranteeing GDPR-compliance, and meet user needs around privacy.

IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF)

We are continually developing our platform to support all clients when it comes to compliance. Kameleoon has achieved approved status from IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0, demonstrating that it complies with its specifications and policies. IAB Europe is the European association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem and our TCF approval helps our growing range of international media clients to ensure seamless compliance around privacy and consent.


With Kameleoon, choose performance and reliability 

A script that is 30% lighter than competing solutions. 

Our solution uses TypeScript code. This enables us to be twice as fast as competing solutions. The weight of our script has been reduced to 30.7 KB, enabling our clients to deliver seamless website experiences to their customers.


Reliable data thanks to ITP 2.3 management 

To guarantee the reliability of your A/B tests, we constantly adapt our technology to the latest Apple ITP updates. The Kameleoon platform provides a unique solution to deal with these new constraints, while complying with personal data protection requirements.

ITP Kameleoon

Develop your personalization skills with the Kameleoon Academy

Expand your knowledge and learn how to deliver the best experiences to your visitors, thanks to our in-depth training course.

Through this on-demand course you’ll learn how to deliver personalized experiences to your visitors, effectively segment your targets and build a successful ongoing personalization strategy.


Ebook AI Personalization

AI Personalization

Create unique experience and maximize conversions
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Technical insights on how it really works
Kameleoon shares our focus on delivering the business benefits of agile experimentation and personalization. Not only is it a truly leading technology, their team continually improves the platform by listening and responding to their customers and partners.
Chris Goward
Chris Goward
Founder & CEO - WiderFunnel

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