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custom attribution window

Get the full impact of your experiments with Kameleoon’s new Custom Attribution Window

February 1, 2022
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It’s something we all know but for too long no one in A/B testing has done anything about: the amount of time it takes for an experiment to lead to a conversion should be a business decision, not a fixed setting. It may take weeks for a customer exposed to an A/B test to book a vacation and only minutes for someone to buy a pair of shoes. Why apply a one-size fits all approach?

Introducing Kameleoon’s Custom Attribution Window, a feature that enables brands to customize how long their experiments and personalization campaigns will be credited for affecting a conversion goal or any KPI. Kameleoon is the first and only A/B testing solution that offers a Custom Attribution Window. Combined with Kameleoon’s ability to report A/B test performance by visit and/or by visitor, the Custom Attribution Window is a powerful setting to help marketers, product managers, data scientists, and engineers truly understand how their optimization efforts are influencing conversions.

Ready to get started? See this step-by-step guide and technical documentation.

Use cases: Kameleoon’s Custom Attribution Window gives brands the most accurate conversion results

  • A travel booking company can attribute a conversion to a customer that was targeted by an experiment while browsing on the mobile app but weeks later, after receiving an email, booked a vacation.
  • A SaaS provider with a freemium business model can attribute a paid subscription sale back to a pricing experiment that a visitor saw 30 days ago. A fashion retailer can cap attributing conversions to experiments to a few days.
  • All brands can accurately view the impact of their experiments by visit or by visitor, knowing that when looking at results by visitor, the length of their sales cycle was applied.



Custome Attribution Window

Now you can use different conversion attribution windows depending on your sales cycle to include all conversions related to the experiment - whether targeted or not - and filter out conversions that are unrelated to the experiment’s influence.

Kameleoon Custom Attribution Window addresses the dual challenges of long conversion cycles and falsely unattributed conversions

In the display settings on your campaigns’ results page, you’ve been able to choose to analyze your work per visit or per visitor view. The main difference being that in a visit scope, conversion events are only attributed to the experiment if they occurred in the same visit.

Whereas in a visitor scope, conversions are attributed as long as the experiment runs. Both concepts are important for optimizing your experiments, so it’s important to have the flexibility of using either model. Kameleoon is currently the only platform that provides you with that flexibility.

visit and visitor


A visit is a list of all the events that occur while visiting a site. A visit is considered complete after 30 minutes of inactivity. A visitor is a grouping of several visits with the same KameleoonVisitorCode.

Kameleoon is currently the only platform that provides its customers with the flexibility of analyzing results by both and allow users to customize how long to attribute conversions to a visitor.

Don’t miss conversions. Kameleoon understands that each brand has a unique sales cycle and is the only A/B testing tool to allow its users to set a Custom Attribution Window on a site by site basis. Set yours in the Kameleoon Configuration page. Ensure you have the most accurate picture of the impact of your experiments.

Ready to get started? See this step-by-step guide and technical documentation.

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