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Why enterprise brands are choosing Kameleoon over Optimizely

Discover fast and flicker-free experimentation that works on any device and comes with great customer support. Kameleoon is everything and more than Optimizely.
Kameleoon is one of those rare software solutions that makes customer experience optimisation easier for all teams. It’s fast, flicker-free, data-compliant, easy to install, and powerful. Enterprise brands looking for an A/B and full stack testing or personalisation solution should consider Kameleoon.
Stephen Pavlovich
Stephen Pavlovich
Managing Director, Conversion

More flexibility from a flicker-free and blazingly fast platform. 

  • Kameleoon has no page load impact with a script 2x faster than Optimizely’s. Our Chrome extension quickly reveals the speed performance of each live test. 
  • Kameleoon also has a unique 100% flicker-free engine for all websites. Optimizely prevents flickering with a synchronous tag that drags performance. 
  • Kameleoon’s cross-domain management is compatible with all versions of Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)
  • Kameleoon is the only A/B testing solution to offer a CUPED, which increases reaching statistical significance up to 60% faster, and a Custom Attribution Window, so that brands can accurately (and more quickly) measure the impact of their experiments.

Full Stack testing made easy.

  • Kameleoon HybridTM empowers Growth and Product teams to launch feature experiments independently from Developers’ release cycles.
  • Retrieve audiences from your preferred martech tools and target them in server-side tests and feature experiments without additional coding required.
  • Analyze feature experiment data in real time with built-in client-side reporting.
  • Sync your results to your activation and analytics solutions, without Developers having to code and maintain integrations
  • Optimize targeting with mutually exclusive client-side and server-side experiment logic.
hybrid experimentation

Fast speed, accurate stats, and high security don’t cost extra.

  • Brands don’t have to choose between performance and capabilities with Kameleoon. Optimizely Edge does not work with all experiment types.
  • Brands can toggle between CUPED, Frequentist, and Bayesian results while experiments run.
  • Kameleoon correctly handles Apple ITP privacy measures
  • Kameleoon runs on a private cloud, not Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google. We support single-tenant cloud installations and on-premises deployment options.
  • Kameleoon signs BAA and is the only HIPAA-compliant A/B testing tool

They have a partner that always offers close customer and technical support.

  • Kameleoon guarantees high performance for all sites, including websites running on single-page applications (SPA)
  • Unlimited technical support is included with Kameleoon. Technical teams provide technical support until any issue is solved. 
  • Kameleoon assigns a dedicated customer support consultant to all our customers.
  • Our technical teams provide custom solutions and build bespoke products quickly and on-demand. 
Technical Support

“A perfect stack play,” Kameleoon offers integrations with every major martech provider.

  • Kameleoon integrates and supports e-commerce brands on Shopify Plus.
  • Kameleoon integrations support developers. Developers can work in their environment using our Git and Microsoft VS Studio integrations. 
  • Kameleoon allows brands to build custom integrations in a day with our Custom Data Bridge or our Custom Analytics Bridge. Brands can quickly build with Zapier too. 
  • Episerver bought and rebranded as Optimizely. Kameleoon’s roadmap is dedicated to experimentation with new product releases and innovations every month.


Analysts and customers are awarding Kameleoon

Challenger in The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms - Q4 2020

2022 Top Rated in A/B Testing, Feature Management and Ecommerce Personalization categories

2022 Momentum Leader in A/B Testing and Leader in Personalization Software

Brands are moving away from Optimizely

Kameleoon features

Unlimited A/B and multivariate testing

With unlimited A/B and multivariate test variations, Kameleoon testing tool makes it easy for brands to test and optimize every desktop and mobile experience.

AI personalization designed to convert

Serve the individualized experience that is most likely to trigger a conversion based on Kameleoon’s AI Conversion Score (KCS™).


Roll out your next feature to highly targeted audiences with Feature Flagging. Remotely update them with feature variables. Rollback with automatic alerts.

Cross-platform ready SDKs

15 Kameleoon SDKs for web and mobile apps deliver instant changes with zero latency and no performance impact.

Integrations with all major martech vendors

Kameleoon integrates natively with your martech ecosystem, including analytics, CRM, CDP, CMS and email solutions. Shopify? Yep. See all our integrations.

Vs, js, and css CODE EDITOR, CHROME EXTENSION and GIT integration

Kameleoon’s Chrome Extension supports developers to monitor A/B tests directly from Google Chrome. Developers can also code A/B tests directly from the VS Code editor and rely on their GIT repository whenever helpful.


Kameleon offers a dedicated no-code graphic editor with predefined components to build and reuse pop-ups, banners, and other widget templates.


Kameleoon supports single-tenant cloud installations and on-premises deployment options.


The Kameleoon platform doesn't collect or process any personal information. Kameleoon is HIPAA compliant and ready to sign business associate agreements (BAA).

Kameleoon is by far the most fully-featured A/B testing tool.
Larissa Enright
Head of E-commerce, The Wine Collective

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