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Work in your environment

Kameleoon architecture makes A/B testing and feature management easy, powerful, and reliable for developers.

Made for developers by developers

developer tools 

Work in your preferred environment. Plug Kameleoon with your GIT account and synchronize your code with MS Visual Studio and our Chrome extension

Server-side SDKs 

Run your AB tests and personalizations server-side. Manage features with agility and gradually roll out or roll back on websites and mobile apps. 


Let Product and Growth teams manage server-side tests and connect their preferred tools to their experiments with Kameleoon HybridTM's unique capabilities.

A single platform serving developer needs

Kameleoon is a powerful web and full stack platform for carrying out A/B testing and personalization on the client-side, the server-side and on mobile apps. The single platform allows developers to push their testing and personalization strategy further.

one platform

Save time with Kameleoon HybridTM

Set up set up server-side experiments your non-Developer team members can manage through our no-code Graphic Editor. Our plug-and-play integrations allow you to develop and maintain less code, so you could focus on delivering value to customers, rather than configuring integrations and managing experiments for others. 


hybrid experimentation

Build custom integrations in a day 

To give developers an easy, flexible and fast way to build an integration with any third-party application and to enable marketers a simpler way to build audience segments, we created Kameleoon Custom Data Bridge. Our public APIs and documentation enable limitless app-to-app creation. 



Code-based A/B testing and feature management

Fast track client-side test development using our native code editor, Git integration or Chrome Extension. QA and share all finalized client-side tests using our Simulation Mode. Or, optimize core functions and features server-side with one of our many supported SDKs and APIs.



Developer compatible

Easy launch

Simply add a line of JavaScript code and a configuration. No tagging plan necessary.


Kameleoon’s unique technology never slows web page loading and removes the flicker effect from your A/B tests.

Cross-domain and cross-device

Run your tests across multiple domains and devices. Track performance in real-time from a single dashboard. 

Dedicated feature flagging

With KPI tracking and flagging baked in, gradually roll out new features to targeted audiences on your website or apps. 

Real-time data collection & processing

Big Data architecture. NoSQL. No storage in cookies. Automatic management of ITP 2.3. 

Global data network

With more than 100 relay points, the Kameleoon Content Delivery Network (CDN) serves experiments without any latency for visitors around the world.

Kameleoon is easy to use, works in all environments and has less impact on page load.
Peter Ernst
Peter Ernst
Senior Optimization Manager (US)

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