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Personalization in the Automotive sector

Identify your future buyers online.
Bring the personalized experience provided in your dealerships to the web and all your other channels. Deliver a fully individualized and optimized experience to every visitor, thanks to A/B tests and AI-driven personalization.

Adapt your messages, content and offers to each visitor based on their purchase intention, generating more qualified leads and maximizing brand engagement.
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Kameleoon assists you with all your use cases, whatever your business challenges
A/B testing
AI personalization
Your challenge

Identifying future buyers as early as possible in the sales cycle to generate qualified leads to share with dealerships.

Our solution

Measure the purchase intention of each visitor (identified or anonymous, customer or prospect) on your website in real-time. Recognize those with the highest purchase potential and quickly target them with test drive opportunities.

Your challenge

Providing differentiated support to visitors, based on where they are in the sales funnel, maximizing their engagement.

Our solution

Use predictive targeting to identify where the visitor is in the buying journey. Trigger suitable actions depending on progress through the sales funnel, such as asking for a brochure, requesting a test drive, or configuring a vehicle. Highlight offers, for example on financing and part exchange, to move undecided visitors forward.

Your challenge

Projecting a faultless brand image.

Our solution

With our A/B testing tool, make the best UX decisions to offer your visitor an exceptional experience that matches your brand values.

Kameleoon’s AI enables us to target visitors very precisely and in real-time, according to their interest in each of our car models.
Julien Descombes
Head of Digital Communication - Toyota France
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97% more generated leads thanks to predictive targeting

Julien Descombes, Digital Communication Manager at Toyota France, explains how Toyota exploits Kameleoon's predictive targeting solution to maximise the quality of the leads they send to their car dealers.


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