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Kameleoon offers the most advanced GA4 integration available today

February 23, 2023

Experimentation teams don’t need to wait for a new Google API to link their A/B testing tool to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). 

Many tools are already way ahead of Google's Cloud customers in providing a powerful integration with GA4. 

Since January 2022, Kameleoon has offered the most complete native, two-way integration with GA4 available on the market today.

Read on to learn what sets Kameleoon’s integration apart, and how to use it to advance experimentation programs across the entire organization. 

What is different about Kameleoon’s GA4 integration?

While Google specified vendors as collaborators for A/B testing integrations, still very little is known about the new API. Kameleoon’s GA4 integration is already complete, in action, and more comprehensive than many of its competitors.

In addition to sending campaign exposure events to GA4 and ingesting segments from GA4, Kameleoon also enriches customer data in GA4 by:

  • Sending Kameleoon campaign goals, like click tracking, scroll tracking, number of pages viewed, and more, to GA4. An added benefit here is Kameleoon’s no-code graphic editor allows users to create new goals for tracking in GA4, without having to ask developers to configure the events in GA4.
  • Syncing Kameleoon’s proprietary Kameleoon Conversion Score™ to GA4 for advanced, hyper-relevant remarketing scenarios.


These features are unique to Kameleoon, and set Kameleoon apart from other A/B testing solutions available on the market.

Here is a summary of all the ways Kameleoon's GA4 integration already goes above and beyond in supporting advanced experimentation programs:

A/B Testing vendor GA4 integration comparison table


Table showing the GA4 integration features of major A/B testing vendors

Benefits of the Kameleoon GA4 integration 

The two-way Kameleoon and GA4 integration enables teams to share data between Kameleoon and GA4 with minimal developer help.

Teams can send valuable, high-priority audiences from GA4 to Kameleoon for targeting purposes as they interact with web pages and mobile apps. They can then use a drag-and-drop segment builder to create audiences to target in experiments and personalization campaigns.

This is all made possible by Kameleoon’s External Segment Sync, a uniquely powerful feature that is already powering plug-and-play integrations for Mixpanel and Twilio Segment.

Here are three ways teams are using Kameleoon and GA4 to advance their cross-functional experimentation programs. 

1. Target users in Kameleoon based on their likelihood to purchase or churn using GA4’s PREDICTIVE AUDIENCES 

Take action on GA4 predictive audiences and target users in Kameleoon with the right messaging and the right campaigns at the right time. 

Use these insights to prevent customers from churning by re-engaging them with appropriate messaging, or offer relevant, appealing offers to encourage conversions by customers most likely to purchase. 

2. Develop a better understanding of users’ intentions and interactions using GA4’s advanced analytics capabilities

Use GA4’s advanced analytics capabilities to develop a better understanding of your visitors’ and users’ intentions and interactions with your experiments and personalization campaigns.

Kameleoon users can gain a 360 degree view of visitors’ and users’ customer journey by:

  • Sending campaign exposure and performance data from Kameleoon to GA4. 
  • Complementing insights gained from feature experiments in Kameleoon with additional analysis in GA4.


The possibility of bringing feature experimentation insights from Kameleoon into GA4 makes this an especially exciting feature exclusive to Kameleoon. 

3. Activate on Kameleoon insights and re-engage users using GA4’s REMARKETING capability

Activate on Kameleoon insights using GA4’s remarketing capability and re-engage users who were exposed to a Kameleoon experiment or personalization campaign.

In doing so, experimentation teams can increase their customer lifetime value and overall user engagement.

How does the Kameleoon and Google Analytics 4 integration work?

The two-way Kameleoon and GA4 integration works by leveraging Kameleoon and Google’s existing reporting API as outlined in the process below:

  1. The integration allows Kameleoon to tag individual visitors within a GA4 dimension using a Kameleoon unique ID. 
  2. Kameleoon then leverages GA4’s reporting API to retrieve all visitors currently belonging to relevant GA segments.
  3. Kameleoon capitalizes on the existing customer data bridge which provides an easily accessible method of retrieving segments data keyed to a specific visitor. 
  4. As this visitor returns to the website, Kameleoon is able to retrieve an exhaustive list of all GA4 segments they belong to, in order to use it in subsequent A/B tests or personalizations.


This process makes Kameleoon’s integration more advanced compared to its competitors. Learn how to get started with the Kameleoon and GA4 integration with this technical documentation. 

Get started with Kameleoon and GA4 today

Experimentation teams can begin leveraging an advanced integration between GA4 and A/B testing tools today - without needing to wait for a new API.

To learn more about how Kameleoon supports advanced experimentation teams and to see the tool in action, Book a Demo.

Are you a Google Optimize user looking to switch to a new A/B testing tool? Learn how Kameleoon is helping teams move off of Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360. 

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