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[Product Release] The future of A/B Testing is here!

April 27, 2016
We announced it a couple of weeks ago, our customers have already adopted it, it now is available for everybody!

We proudly present the first smart editor for A/B Testing, the result of 12 months of work. It shows once more our determintion to innovate every single day, to make the work of marketers easier and help them deliver optimized user experiences. Read on and find out about the new features of this major innovation which consolidates Kameleoon’s position as the most performing solution in its market.

You want to learn how we came up with the idea of creating the future of A/B Testing? Read our article on how this innovation was born.

Simplify your work with the first smart editor for A/B Testing

Modify through clicks, not through code!

Whether you are new to A/B Testing or are already testing on a regular basis, like some of our clients, you should have access to a solution that simplifies your work.

Thanks to the first smart editor, you can change all kinds of elements (text edits, URL modification, change in positioning …) in a minimum of clicks. The editor recognizes the elements you are working on, thus saving you time and avoiding errors. Because it is smart, the editor will only suggest possible or likely actions for the elements it identified.

Let’s say you want to change the navigation on your site. Is has never been easier! Just position your cursor on the link, the editor suggests URL modification right away, as it is the most likely action on this element of your page. Selection élément - [Product Update] Le futur de l'A/B testing est là

Keep an eye on ongoing modifications

You may be more than one to work on tests and have changed several elements. The editor’s follow-up feature helps you avoid possible mistakes by giving you an instant overview of all changes implemented ahead of your own test. The editor becomes your memory. In a click, you can find all tracked and/or changed elements. No more mistakes!

Modifications - [Product Update] Le futur de l'A/B testing est là

Add an element in three clicks’ time

You want to take A/B Testing one step further and add an element to your page? It will only take you three clicks to add a banner, pop-in, paragraph or widget! And once you created your element, you can drag and drop it exactly where you want to.

Ajout élément - [Product Update] Le futur de l'A/B testing est là  

Run your tests easily thanks to our intuitive interface

We built our new interface by observing the most frequent practices of our several hundred clients: Newcomers to A/B testing as well as more experienced users expressed the need for a more intuitive test management dashboard and a follow-up on actions by different team members.

Get an overview of all your tests at a glance

We gave our dashboard a complete makeover, in order to offer a view of all test performances at a glance. The new presentation in form of boxes gives you an instant view of test results. You can see details such as the performances of different variations, the improvement rate and the confidence index without even opening the results page.

Dashboard Kameleoon - [Product Update] Le futur de l'A/B testing est là

Filter your tests by tags

You are a pro of A/B Testing and are launching several tests a week. Kudos! You are on the road to success.

But it can be difficult to keep track after tens of tests, on different parts of the site and with different objectives. Is there anything more frustrating than losing time searching for something? Knowing that our clients encountered this problem, we developed an advanced search engine which greatly facilitates your way around your tests. In addition to traditional filters (creation date, modification, status…) you can also search according to test name, variation, tag (ex. Sales, Sunday, MVT …), performance (ex. +20% increase in conversion rate) and goal.

And this means time gain and simplified navigation for advanced A/B Testers!

Filtre des tests - [Product Update] Le futur de l'A/B testing est là

Check out the first timeline for A/B Tests

Organization is a key factor for successful A/B Testing. If you are several team members to work on tests, you need to know who does what at a given moment.

Our timeline keeps track of all modifications of your tests. A simple search gives access to changes sorted by user. You can browse from one test to another or filter by user name to get an overview of the work of each team member. You can also export and share the timeline with your colleagues. Le futur de l’A/B testing est là !

More is yet to come

Our R&D lab innovates continuously for our clients. New services and features are on their way.

Impatient to see it work? Check out our new editor!

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