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Kameleoon snippet speed is 2x faster than leading competitors

December 5, 2023

Every year, Third-Party Web analyzes hundreds of third-party entities to determine which scripts have the highest impact on website performance. 

In October 2022, the analysis found that Kameleoon’s Web Experimentation Snippet was 2-3x faster than some of its competitors on the market.

The most recent update in November found that Kameleoon still leads with one of the fastest snippet speeds on the market, adding an additional 9% increase to performance in 2023. Its competitors, on the other hand, lost between 10% and 16% in snippet speed.

What this research doesn’t reveal is the power of Kameleoon’s snippet.

In this article, we’ll share how Kameleoon’s script outperforms its competitors and why it matters for experimentation.  

Why is snippet speed important in experimentation?

Page load speed has been an important ranking factor for years according to Google. A fast snippet ensures that your website loads quickly and ranks well in SERPs. 

Because of this, teams are meticulous about what third-party scripts they choose to include on their website and how it affects their overall website performance.

A slow-to-load script can result in:

  • A flicker across the screen at the incorrect time, also known as the “flicker effect”.
  • Longer page load speed.
  • Decreased rankings and search engine discoverability.
  • Poor user experience.


It’s important to keep this in mind when selecting the best A/B testing tool to use on your site.

Kameleoon snippet speed vs. competitors

Kameleoon’s web experimentation snippet is 2-3x faster than some of its competitors, according to independent research by Third-Party Web.

The research looked at hundreds of third-party scripts across a number of categories and ranked them based on average execution time, or how many milliseconds were spent executing each script.

As of October 2022, the first year this research was published, Kameleoon’s snippet outperformed several of its competitors when it came to speed of execution, including top competitors like VWO and Optimizely. This year, Kameleoon's script is even faster, dropping from 345 ms to 314 ms loading time, an 9% increased in performance.

This means that Kameleoon can execute a script twice as fast as other platforms, resulting in a faster page load speed and better website performance overall.

The table below shows the leading A/B testing platforms that were evaluated and their overall performance.

Fastest Snipet Speed

This increase is linked to the introduction of Deferred Experiment Loading, which makes it possible to decide on a case-by-case basis which experiment to include in the application file (kameleoon.js) when the page is first loaded.

Other important factors in snippet performance

Speed isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to how a snippet performs. It’s about how powerful it is too.

If you take a look at Google Optimize in the table above, you’ll see that it is about 30% faster than Kameleoon. However, it is also delivering a fraction of the value. It is also important to note that Google Optimize will sunset on September 30 2023, and will not be available to use after that date.

Some platforms, like Google Optimize or VWO, rely on multiple server calls. This can translate to a lower initial load time for the first call; however, that's just an illusion: For the A/B testing platform to actually operate, you'll need to wait for the other calls. In the end, the impact on performance is much worse than with a single-call strategy.

Kameleoon delivers all its features flicker-free, in a single server call, making it one of the most powerful choices on the market.

Other ways in which Kameleoon’s script outperforms its competitors include:

  • Anti-flicker technology which completely eliminates the flicker effect.
  • The use of Typescript which reduces the script size by nearly 30% and improves the user experience.
  • Robust and high-quality code within the platform.
  • Reduced development time.
  • Deferred experience loading allows you to choose the content of your application file when the page is first loaded.


Together, this makes Kameleoon one of the highest-performing options on the market today.

Kameleoon’s impressive script makes it an excellent choice for enterprise teams looking for a powerful platform to scale.
To learn more about our platform, book a demo with a member of our team today.

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