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Fully integrate any analytics tool with Kameleoon’s Custom Analytics Bridge

October 25, 2021
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Kévin Leocadie
Kévin Leocadie
Kévin Leocadie is Lead Product Manager at Kameleoon

Earlier this year, we introduced our Custom Data Value Bridge feature. In addition to our native CDP integrations, the technology enables any brand to target customers with A/B tests and personalizations using any data attribute in their CDP (any data source). Now, there is no data layer that brands can’t use for more precise segmentation on Kameleoon.

See all our native CDP integrations.

Today, we are introducing Kameleoon’s Custom Analytics Bridge. This bridge empowers brands to send A/B test and personalization campaign data to any third-party analytics tool (analytics, UX, or any tool that has a JavaScript API available).

The Custom Analytics Bridge gives brands the ability to:

  • View the impact of their experimentation and personalization work on any analytics platform; and Use the customer data resulting from an A/B test and personalization to optimize experiences on any digital channel e.g. email, messaging, mobile app website, etc.
  • Create custom integrations using any analytics tools in less than a day.


Ready to get started? Documentation for our Custom Analytics Bridge

Build and customize your own analytics integration

Kameleoon comes with many built-in integrations. However, if you use a platform where we don’t yet have an integration, or you would like to customize one of our existing integrations, it's very easy to build your own analytics integration by using our new Custom Analytics Bridge feature. (You can build your own data integration as well.)

See all our native analytics integrations.

Build a new custom analytics integration using code templates from 20+ analytics tools like Hotjar, Google Analytics, and Mixpanel

You can now find code samples for 20+ analytics platforms such as Hotjar, Amplitude, Google Analytics 4 in our GitHub library. We built the library to help anyone quickly build an analytics integration with Kameleoon, or have access to the code of our existing bridges. You don’t have to start from scratch.

Custom Analytics integration


1-click connect your new custom analytics integration to your A/B testing or personalization campaign


Once installed, your entire team will find the new analytics integration as a new Tracking and Goals option when setting up an A/B test or personalization. Select and done. The results will be shared in real time with your preferred tool, exactly how you want.

Connect your Custom analytics to your A/B testing or personalization campaign

Ready to get started? Documentation for our Custom Analytics Bridge.

Questions? Curious? We'd love to hear from you. Please reach us at [email protected].


Ready to create world-class online experiences for your customers?

Find out how the Custom Analytics Bridge can enhance your organization's experimentation and user analytics stack. Our customer success managers are happy to help. Email us at [email protected] 

To see this feature in action, request a demo.

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Kévin Leocadie
Kévin Leocadie
Kévin Leocadie is Lead Product Manager at Kameleoon
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