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Kameleoon’s Feature Experiments

Introducing Kameleoon’s Feature Experiments

December 1, 2022

We are thrilled to introduce the latest development to Kameleoon’s Feature Management solution: Feature Experiments. With this powerful new capability, we are doubling down on our promise to provide all teams with a unified optimization platform that will serve all their experimentation needs. 

With our existing feature flagging capabilities, Product Managers can control feature releases, validate features and, ultimately, deliver better products to their customers much faster and with less risk. 

Now, Feature Experimentation clients can further accelerate the validation phase of their product development and release lifecycle. They can easily deliver or test different versions of their features to understand how each impacts user experiences and product performance. Insights gained from feature experiments will help Product teams inform their roadmap and make strategic decisions with confidence. 

Over the past year or so, we’ve recognized product-led teams’ growing needs to go beyond controlling releases and start running experiments on their products. So it was a natural progression for Kameleoon to develop feature experimentation. We are pleased to deliver this new capability to our clients.
Frédéric De Todaro
Frédéric De Todaro
Chief Product Officer

Kameleoon’s expertise and decade-long experience in experimentation, combined with our powerful flagging capabilities will empower Product Managers, Developers, and IT teams equally.

Here's what you can do with Feature Experiments today:

Run experiments on multiple versions of your feature or product

Target 100% or a subset of your users with a Feature Experiment to measure the performance of your feature variations against your KPIs. You can schedule the start and end dates of your feature experiments and serve as many feature variations as you wish. 

Run Feature Experiment

Configure unlimited Variations in a user-friendly UI

After Developers code a feature behind a feature flag, Product Managers can define as many variations as they want, then choose the rollout and exposure for each variation, without dependency on Developers.

Unlimited Variation

Make Feature Experiments a part of your rollout plan

In our updated Rollout Planner, you can use a mix of Feature Experiment and delivery rules to release a new feature and test how its variations are performing. 


We're excited to say that this is just the beginning. Feature Experimentation is currently available for Node JS, and we will be enabling it for other SDKs over the coming weeks, in addition to other enhancements. Keep an eye out for in-app announcements to get the latest updates on Feature Experiments.

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