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Deep-diving into Feature Experiment performance with third-party analytics, thanks to Kameleoon Hybrid™

April 24, 2023

Teams today need to be able to unify their data across their various solutions to achieve a comprehensive understanding of their customers and make data-driven business decisions.

That’s why we extended the capabilities of Kameleoon Hybrid™ to our Feature Management & Experimentation solution.

This game-changing feature makes it possible to use our plug-and-play data-out integrations to third-party tools. This, most importantly, includes analytics tools as well as CDPs, such as Segment and Tealium.

Teams can now plug their rollout and experiment performance metrics into their preferred analytics tool to gain deep insights about their product usage and user behavior, and develop better informed product and growth strategies. 

Integrations for Feature Management & Experimentation

Read on to learn more about how this exciting new feature can benefit you and your team.

What is Kameleoon Hybrid™?

Kameleoon Hybrid™ brings client-side capabilities to server-side testing, making server-side testing more valuable and easier for all teams. With Kameleoon Hybrid™, anyone can take advantage of in-app reporting and unified, integrated data, without developers having to configure code for analytics tracking or learn about, configure, and maintain third-party integrations. 

Kameleoon Hybrid™ and Feature Management & Experimentation

By extending Kameleoon’s hybrid capabilities to our Feature Management & Experimentation solution, Kameleoon is now analytics-agnostic. Once a feature experiment or delivery rule is set up, performance will automatically be synced to a third-party tool, like Mixpanel or Contentsquare, where anyone can further slice-and-dice the data and gain deep insights from it.

Analysts or product managers can activate against data derived from feature flags on other tools as well, including Segment - all without having to rely on a developer.

This helps unify data across the tech stack so product managers can make more data-driven decisions.

For more information on Kameleoon Hybrid™, visit our comprehensive page on Kameleoon Hybrid™ or refer to our hybrid experimentation FAQ.

Why did we extend hybrid capabilities to Feature Management & Experimentation?

Kameleoon is the only unified experimentation platform that is designed to serve all teams.

By making our hybrid capabilities available for Feature Management & Experimentation, we’re doubling-down on our promise to provide a tool that all teams can rely on to fulfill any type of experimentation needs.

Marketers and non-technical experimenters have been using hybrid experimentation to launch more sophisticated and complex server-side tests. They can leverage client-side capabilities, like easy data-in and data-out integrations and client-side reporting with over 25 breakdown reports and filters, even when managing server-side tests. 
Now, product managers and developers can benefit from hybrid experimentation similarly. They can use plug-and-play integrations and easily monitor the performance of feature flag rollouts and experiments directly with Kameleoon’s in-app reports. 

Run feature experiments and release winning products with confidence. Try for free

What are the benefits of bringing hybrid and Feature Management & Experimentation together?

By extending the capabilities of Kameleoon Hybrid™ to our Feature Management & Experimentation solution, teams can become more data-driven and confident in their decision-making.

Kameleoon users can quickly and easily develop a deeper understanding of how their customers interact with their products. They can then use these insights to continuously improve the user journey and quantify the impact of their rollouts and feature experiments.

For example, teams can use progressive delivery to gradually roll out a new feature to their users. They can sync the performance of the rollout to their analytics tool, like Mixpanel or Amplitude, to understand which users have been exposed to their feature. 

Then, thanks to the existing app usage tracking, teams can supplement their understanding of their rollout with additional contextual information. 

They can create funnels for the user journey, starting with initial access to the feature, which, without Kameleon’s plug-and-play integration, would require additional coding from developers. These capabilities are invaluable to product-led teams looking to accelerate their growth.

Get started with Kameleoon Hybrid™ for Feature Management & Experimentation

Our hybrid capability for Feature Management and Experimentation is available for Kameleoon Customers using most SDKs. For more information, refer to our developer documentation.

If you’re not a Kameleoon user, you can start a free trial of Kameleoon’s Feature Management & Experimentation solution and access unlimited feature flags, unlimited feature rollouts and feature experiments, custom data for audience targeting, and so much more. 

Email us at [email protected] to request access to a Kameleoon free trial today.

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