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New inclusion/exclusion targeting criteria for experiment and personalization campaigns

December 21, 2021
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Impactful experimentation programs often share one characteristic: they produce a high number of well-defined tests.

However, running more tests and variations creates the risk of showing customers more than one experiment or campaign on a single visit, complicating analysis.

That’s why the ability to include or exclude (or “ringfence”) a user into an experiment or personalization campaign is crucial for scaling experimentation programs.

Previously, Kameleoon users defined inclusion/exclusion logic in JavaScript, which required coding skills. Since they did this manually, it was also prone to mistakes.

Now, Kameleoon lets users include or exclude visitors who have been exposed to a given campaign or variant, using a new targeting rule, without the need to code.

Use cases include:

  • Sometimes you want to test the effect of two experiments applied in sequence. The new inclusion targeting condition allows the visitor to be included in both campaigns, which can easily be linked together without coding—allowing you to see the combined impact.
  • Often, you do not want visitors to see multiple experiments because it becomes unclear which test resulted in which action. The Kameleoon exclusion experiment targeting criteria prevents a unique visitor from seeing more than one experiment.


The feature is very easy to implement and configure:

In an experiment campaign: This condition will be useful to include or exclude visitors who have already been exposed to an experiment. This feature is available under Campaigns > Experiments. Once an experiment is selected, you will be able to target visitors who have seen any variations, or a specific variation from the selected experiment.

exclusion experiment

In a personalization campaign: This condition will allow you to include or exclude visitors who are already taking part in personalization. This feature is available under Campaigns > Personalization.

personalization exclusion

The inclusion/exclusion feature is more powerful thanks to Kameleoon’s hybrid capabilities

As more teams run server and client-side experiments, it becomes more challenging to ringfence traffic allocation. But thanks to Kameleoon’s platform, users are able to run hybrid experiments which live on both server and client-side. By combining this functionality with the new traffic inclusion/exclusion conditions, we have now made it easy for our customers to include or exclude visitors being exposed to any experiment—whether server-side or client-side.

Ready to take your targeting to the next level?

Click here for the step-by-step guide to use the new targeting conditions, and here for a guide on how to set up hybrid experiments. Your Customer Success Manager is happy to help. For any questions, email us at [email protected]

Want to see the targeting condition in action? Request a demo.

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