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Kameleoon and Clarity Partnership

Clarity and Kameleoon Integration - Bridging the gap between quantitative and qualitative data

August 31, 2023

Understanding user behavior on your website is not only crucial for delivering optimal user experiences but also plays a pivotal role when analyzing the outcomes of your ongoing experiments. The challenge lies in deciphering user interactions and extracting actionable insights to enhance your website performance. This is where Microsoft Clarity steps in as a cutting-edge behavioral analysis tool. By seamlessly integrating Kameleoon with Clarity, you unlock a powerful synergy that enables you to delve deeper into user behavior, optimize campaigns, and drive better results for your business.

The Problem: Understanding User Behavior

One of the fundamental challenges that businesses face is understanding how users interact with their websites in particular in the context of experimentation and personalization. The absence of qualitative insights paired with quantitative data makes it difficult to pinpoint areas where users may be encountering obstacles, experiencing frustration, or failing to engage as intended.

The Solution: Microsoft Clarity & Kameleoon Integration 

This is where Kameleoon’s integration with Clarity can help. Clarity is a behavioral analysis tool designed to bridge the gap between quantitative and qualitative data. By integrating Kameleoon with Clarity, experimentation teams gain a holistic understanding of user behavior on their websites. This integration offers a multi-faceted approach to analysis, enabling you to:

  • Push Campaign Exposure Data: Seamlessly transfer campaign exposure event data, including campaign names and variation names, to Clarity. This provides valuable context for understanding how users interact with specific campaigns.
  • Utilize Clarity Heatmaps: Leverage Clarity's advanced heatmaps to gain visual insights into user behavior. These heatmaps highlight areas of engagement, interaction, and potential friction, helping you make data-driven decisions for optimization.
  • Automated Reports: Make use of Clarity's automatically generated reports to evaluate the impact of your campaigns on user behavior. Identify patterns such as dead clicks, rage clicks, excessive scrolling, and more.

Use Cases: Leveraging the Power of Integration

The integration between Kameleoon and Microsoft Clarity opens up many possibilities for businesses seeking to refine their website performance. Here are some key use cases:

  • Enhanced Customer Behavior Analysis: The Clarity integration allows Kameleoon to tag heatmaps and session replays, enabling you to segment your analysis based on experiment variations. 
  • In-depth Session Replays: Watch session replays on Clarity to observe how visitors interact with your experiments. This firsthand perspective uncovers user struggles, preferences, and engagement levels, helping you fine-tune your strategies.
  • Optimization Identification: Clarity's heatmaps unveil areas that users focus on, interact with, or disengage from. This information empowers you to identify optimization opportunities and prioritize experiments within Kameleoon's roadmap.

The integration between Kameleoon and Microsoft Clarity offers a host of advantages, including:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: The combined power of both platforms provides a holistic view of user behavior, bridging quantitative data with qualitative insights.
  • Precise Experiment Assessment: With session replays and Clarity heatmaps, you can precisely evaluate the impact of your experiments and campaigns. 
  • Informed Decision-Making: Data-backed insights enable you to make informed decisions about website improvements, leading to enhanced user experiences. 


The integration between Kameleoon and Microsoft Clarity empowers you to gather actionable insights, optimize campaigns, and drive business growth. By delving into session replays, analyzing heatmaps, and leveraging automated reports, you gain an edge in tailoring your website to meet user expectations effectively. 

Ready to get started? See this step-by-step guide and technical documentation.

You can request a demo to see this feature and the Kameleoon platform in action. 

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