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Contentsquare and Kameleoon join forces to make customer experience optimization solutions faster, easier and stronger

May 3, 2021
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Collin Tate Crowell
Collin Tate Crowell
Collin Crowell is the VP of Growth for Kameleoon, North America. He’s based outside of Vancouver, Canada.

[New York, May 4 , 9am] Contentsquare, the global leader in experience analytics, and Kameleoon, a leading client and server-side testing, feature management and personalization platform have developed a native data bridge integration and partnership that enables brands to leverage each platform's unique solutions - in real time - to positively affect conversion rates, customer engagement, and revenue.

The Contentsquare and Kameleoon partnership and integration gives brands the ability to easily discover and explore customer behavior across all digital channels and devices in order to build and test ever-better customer experiences. Powerful use cases include: 


  • Building an A/B testing roadmap based on customer behavior
  • Understanding why an A/B test won or lost, and how it affected business goals
  • Delivering customer-recovery experiences in real-time
With the current pace of digital transformation, and innovation a major focus of brands competing on customer experience, the ability to measure the impact of experimentation and personalization efforts is crucial to business success. Customer insights should run through the marketing stack, and integrating with a solution like Kameleoon enables brands to drive even more value from their testing strategy and customer journey improvements
Pierre casanova
Pierre Casanova
VP Sales, Contentsquare
Brands are looking for integrated solutions throughout the maturity cycle of conversion: from upstream analysis to understand the visitor journey, to real-time measurement of the purchasing intention to propose a tailored message and offer at the best possible time. This is the purpose behind our partnership with Contentsquare: optimize the marketing actions of our clients and boost conversions, to ultimately maximize their sales.
jean-rené boidron
Jean-René Boidron
CEO, Kameleoon

A strategic partnership to improve every customer experience and boost conversion

Contentsquare clients can create their experiments on Kameleoon’s HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA-compliant platform and analyze their results in Contentsquare.

When an A/B experiment is created on Kameleoon, the client will be able to analyze the customer journeys for each variation tested on Contentsquare.

In the case of personalization, using Contentsquare, the client will be able to compare the customer journeys of the different segments targeted by the actions implemented on Kameleoon.

About Kameleoon

Kameleoon works with over 500 corporate and enterprise companies across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to help brands deliver exceptional digital experiences and products to their customers.

GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant, Kameleoon’s powerful and easy-to-use A/B testing, full stack, and AI-powered personalization solutions help marketers, product owners, and engineers maximize customer engagement and conversion - across all channels. Visit to learn more.


About Contentsquare

Contentsquare empowers brands to build better digital experiences. Our experience analytics platform tracks and visualizes billions of digital behaviors, delivering intelligent recommendations that everyone can use to grow revenue, increase loyalty and fuel innovation. Founded in Paris in 2012, Contentsquare has since opened offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Munich, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. Today, it helps more than 700 enterprises in 26 countries deliver better digital experiences for their customers. Visit to find out more.

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Collin Tate Crowell
Collin Tate Crowell
Collin Crowell is the VP of Growth for Kameleoon, North America. He’s based outside of Vancouver, Canada.