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Eminza boosts cart values by 15% with new shipping fee system

March 4, 2022


  • Goal: Optimize shipping fees and increase average cart value
  • Experiment: Test a free-delivery offer and new shipping calculator using a server-side approach
  • Results: 15% increase in average cart value


Eminza offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor decoration products in five different countries. With a turnover of around €30 million, the brand wanted to reduce expenses while maintaining the quality of the visitor experience and maximizing conversions.




Optimize the delivery experience and increase average cart value by offering free-delivery to collection points Reduce the brand’s shipping expenses without penalizing customers by calculating fees by product price range rather than weight/size.


At Eminza, a furniture and decoration brand, the costs and conditions for shipping items represent a real financial challenge. To optimize shipping, the brand implemented several systems depending on the object being delivered: delivery at a collection point, home delivery, express home delivery, and home delivery of bulky items.

1. To ensure its offers are relevant and profitable, Eminza ran several server-side A/B tests on the shipping fee calculation system.

Encourage customers to choose the “delivery to a collection point” option and increase the average cart value

Eminza sells a variety of very different decorative items, ranging from simple fairy lights to garden furniture sets. Each item can be delivered to the customer’s home or to a collection point.

To engage visitors and encourage them to increase their average cart value, the brand tested free shipping on purchases over €49 that are sent to collection points.

This test required a server-side approach able to sufficiently adapt the experience upstream. It enabled the brand to:

  • Identify whether the move was profitable: Did the average cart increase enough to Absorb the shipping costs?
  • Prioritize an inexpensive delivery method
  • Encourage visitors to increase their average cart value


For this, one of the things Eminza did was to display two messages on the product page: a block under the add-to-cart CTA to highlight the delivery offer, coupled with a sticky banner at the bottom of the page.


Kameleoon offers a hybrid approach via a single platform providing end-to-end capabilities for managing feature testing.
Adrien Eminza
Adrien Agripnidis
CIO, Eminza


With a steady conversion rate and a 15% increase in average cart value, the experiment was a success. Eminza decided to roll out the offer across the entire French website and is considering extending it to other languages.

Optimize the shipping fee calculation system

On the Eminza website, there are products of all shapes and sizes, from small Christmas decorations to garden furniture sets. This is why the brand had initially implemented a shipping fee calculation system based on the weight and size of items for express home delivery.

To find a fair shipping fee calculation method that would reduce the brand’s contribution without penalizing customers, the teams at Eminza wanted to test a different system, indexed on the price range of the items added to the cart.

The higher the cost of an item, the higher the customer’s contribution to the delivery fees.



As an advanced test, it had to be triggered sufficiently in advance and ensure a consistent experience for visitors from start to finish. Therefore, the IT teams at Eminza ran a server-side test using Kameleoon’s hybrid solution:

On the server side, they were able to run a test with optimal performance and configure the triggers; On the client side, they were able to start monitoring and tracking test results via the reporting tool on the Kameleoon platform.

For performance considerations and ease of implementation, Kameleoon’s hybrid experimentation solution was an obvious choice. While the client-side approach enables us to easily work on our website’s UX, server-side experimentation opens up an even wider range of possibilities to re-assess how our delivery prices are calculated, and to roll out our tests on a large scale.
Adrien Agripnidis
CIO, Eminza


This experimentation showed that the two shipping price calculation systems (by price range or by weight) were equally well received and, ultimately, the cost to the brand was identical.

To push the experiment even further, the teams at Eminza intend to segment their A/B tests (bulky carts vs. non-bulky carts, new visitors vs. existing visitors) to identify the price ranges at which these different shipping systems work best.

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