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How one eCommerce brand used data to prove their assumptions wrong

June 25, 2021
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Daniel Boltinsky
Daniel Boltinsky
Kameleoon, Managing Editor, North America

Everyone has opinions about how their brand’s website should look.

The problem is, opinions are not the best way to make decisions. However, changing opinions is not easy, especially if you’re trying to go against years of entrenched assumptions.

So, how can you radically change the way you engage with your visitors online in light of biases about the way things should run?

Start with this: Use data to prove assumptions and wrong.

The Wine Collective is an established e-commerce store in the online spirits industry. To grow, they hired Larissa Enright as their CRO lead and embraced A/B testing and personalization.

Larissa spent months comparing testing tools before choosing Kameleoon.

“Kameleoon is by far the most fully-featured A/B testing tool,“ said Larissa. “I needed a powerful and easy-to-use platform that integrated with Shopify.”

the wine collective


Right away, the A/B tests The Wine Collective ran revealed that several things the company took for granted were false, resulting in a huge opportunity cost.

The Wine Collective discovered that:

  • Having clean product pages wasn’t what their customers wanted. The product pages performed way better with the addition of one other element.
  • A large portion—30%—of homepage visitors were not who The Wine Collective thought they were.
  • For years, holiday campaigns were missing an ingredient that would take them from being just “OK” to resonating with loyal customers like never before.
“...Partnering with a platform with knowledgeable experts who are technical and CRO like-minded was very important.”
larissa enbridge
Larissa Enbridge
CRO Lead, The Wine Collective

Find out exactly how The Wine Collective optimized their website based on the above 3 insights in this Success Story. You’ll also find The Wine Collective’s actual lift in conversions and drop in bounce rate.

A/B testing works because it lets you discover things about your customers that no single expert, marketer or product owner alone can tell you with certainty.

“With Kameleoon, we are moving away from having to make gut-based to data-based decisions,” said Larissa.

We at Kameleoon are proud to have helped The Wine Collective build a culture of experimentation.

Cheers to that!




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Daniel Boltinsky
Daniel Boltinsky
Kameleoon, Managing Editor, North America