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Contentsquare integration

Trigger real-time experiments and AI personalizations with Kameleoon's 2-way Contentsquare integration

January 18, 2022
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Competition for consumer attention online is fierce. Fail to quickly meet your customers' expectations and they will leave to find an alternative. While there are many great solutions for analyzing online customer behavior, like heat maps and recordings, impacting observed behavior in real-time through A/B tests and personalizations requires sophisticated technology.

Kameleoon is among the first solutions to leverage Contentsquare signals for A/B testing and AI personalization. Most A/B testing platforms on the market are limited to sending visitor data to Contentsquare for experiment analysis, but cannot get visitor action data back in real time for optimization. Kameleoon and Contentsquare have partnered to enhance their existing integration so real-time data signals from Contentsquare can be used to trigger experiments and personalization campaigns in Kameleoon.

Ready to get started? See this step-by-step guide and technical documentation.

We can’t wait to use the Kameleoon and Contentsquare Live Signals integration to ensure the best customer experience possible.

Caroline Josse
Caroline Josse
Digital & Regional Marketing Manager

This update makes acting on real-time behavior easy and fast

With this enhanced, two-way integration, brands using Kameleoon and Contentsquare can now:

  • Trigger a promotional campaign to visitors who performed excessive copy and pastes of an invalid discount code or who scrolled multiple times over the same product page.
  • Directly engage with the user when an error signal is triggered in the funnel that would prevent the user from finalizing a purchase. The customer engagement can be facilitated by pushing a tooltip or a pop-up promoting a web call back or another communication channel, such as through a chat, email, or phone call.
  • Engage with the user when a repetitive hovering signal or a rage click signal is triggered.
  • Feed additional data streams from Contentsquare Live Signals, such as repetitive hover signals, into Kameleoon’s AI to create a new segment of undecided visitors and improve the purchase intention predictions of the Kameleoon Conversion Scores.


This bi-directional integration also fully benefits our AI Personalization customers by combining Contentsquare’s unique insights with Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS) allowing for more precise and efficient purchase intention predictions.

Catch and act on frustration signals in real time

Signals are triggered by Contentsquare based on user interactions like rage clicking, constant hovering, repeated scrolling and fraudulent activity. The data is made available in real time to Kameleoon so that customers can tailor their A/B testing experiments and personalization campaigns accordingly.

Find all 9 Live Signals from Contentsquare in Kameleoon’s Segment Builder:

  1. js_error_signal: Whenever a click causes a JavaScript (JS) error
  2. consecutive_click_signal: Clicking on the same element several times consecutively
  3. rage_click_signal: Clicking rapidly
  4. repetitive_hovering_signal: Hovering over the same element
  5. repeated_scrolling_signal: Scrolling up and down a page several times
  6. mouse_shakes_signal: Accelerating the mouse left and right or up and down repeatedly
  7. excessive_pastes_fraud_signal: Pasting in the same field in a session several times
  8. excessive_reloads_fraud_signal: Reloading in the same session several times
  9. adblocker_signal: Whenever an Ad Blocker is detected within seconds


Kameleoon Contensquare

Easily drag and drop all real time visitor frustration signals from Contentsquare when building segments in Kameleoon. 


Ready to get started? See this step-by-step guide and technical documentation. 

You can request a demo to see this feature and the Kameleoon platform in action. 

Questions? Curious? We love to hear from you. Please reach us at 

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