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kameleoon and mparticle

mParticle and Kameleoon Integration Translate your inputs into meaningful actions

August 25, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of digital experiences, harnessing data for effective decision-making is a priority. The mParticle platform, renowned for its data collection prowess, provides a comprehensive solution for gathering and channeling data from diverse sources. Meanwhile, Kameleoon empowers teams with experimentation and personalization capabilities. The question arises: How can these two powerhouses join forces to elevate your data game? This blog post delves into the marriage of mParticle and Kameleoon, unraveling the problem it solves and describing the solution it offers.

The Challenge: Bridging Data and Insights 

The challenge lies in uniting the data collected from various inputs and translating it into meaningful actions. This is where the mParticle platform enters the stage. It aggregates data from mobile apps, websites, external SAAS providers, and more, channeling it towards analytics, attribution, storage, and audience targeting. But what if you're utilizing Kameleoon to run experiments and personalizations? The quest to track Kameleoon campaigns using mParticle events beckons. 

Introducing mParticle and Kameleoon Integration

Enter the mParticle and Kameleoon integration—a harmonious partnership that bridges the gap between data and insights. Picture this: you're orchestrating Kameleoon experiments or personalizations to enhance user experiences and optimize your campaign performance. With our native integration, mParticle events can be seamlessly generated when a visitor becomes a part of a Kameleoon experiment or personalization. 

What are the benefits of this integration

  • Native Integration Simplicity: Seamlessly incorporate mParticle integration into the Kameleoon app and transmit results to mParticle. The key advantage? It's a hassle-free integration coupled with the option to customize the native bridge through our code samples available on GitHub.
  • Craft Custom Segments: Through the mParticle-Kameleoon synergy, sending mParticle events when a visitor becomes part of a Kameleoon experiment or personalization becomes a breeze. The noteworthy benefit here? Utilize mParticle as your go-to reporting tool for Kameleoon's A/B tests and personalizations. 
  • The integration of mParticle and Kameleoon isn't just about data alignment; it's about data empowerment. It's the fusion of mParticle's data collection versatility with Kameleoon's experiment and personalization capabilities. This partnership brings forth the power to transform raw data into actionable insights, all while simplifying your integration process and enhancing reporting accuracy.

Ready to get started? See this step-by-step guide and technical documentation.

You can request a demo to see this feature and the Kameleoon platform in action. 

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