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[Product Release] April 2018: the best Easter Egg of all!

April 12, 2018

Today started like any other day. Got to work, grabbed a cup of coffee, and launched Kameleoon. But something has changed. Is it the light? Did I take a decaf by mistake?

None of all that, it’s Spring!

Nature is renewing, and so is our editor.

We worked hard to offer you a new, improved version of our smart graphic editor: more modern, easier to use, new design, and many new features.

Are you ready for all these changes?

Ok, let's go!

Nice, uh? New loader, new header full of surprises and new test finalizer panel!

Let's zoom in a little bit and see what this new header has to offer.

New general menu

So let's start on the left. This is where you’ll find all the general information about your test (name, date, status, url, tags, specific code ...).

A question? A doubt? Need to know more about a feature? Check out our series of tutorials. Everything you always want to know about our features (but were afraid to ask). You can follow your progress, choose the difficulty and the type of the tutorials, etc. But don’t worry, we’ll still be there if you need to contact us of course!

Naturally, there’s still the editor’s general setup. This is where you can change the language, choose your display preferences or manage your custom CSS selectors.

If you want to switch between tests or create a new one, you can do it here. And you can find all your tests and information on them at a glance!

 New header

You have surely noticed, but just in case you haven’t: the header is thinner! AND now you can decide whether to display it or not, with one simple click. Magic!

On the left, your variations are displayed. One click on them and you can see all possible actions in a drop-down menu. On the right, with one click on the icon you can: search for a specific variation, switch between editing and navigation mode, or launch the editor on a mobile device.

Finalization panel

On the right, you will find everything you need before launching your tests such as simulation, time estimation, traffic allocation, targeting, and tracking.

Every step of the test finalizer panel has been completely redesigned. You now have two different views to define your traffic allocation. You can target by web page or segment (the latter giving access to the segment builder you already know). Last but not least, check out the goal tracking: you can now filter your goals to easily find the one you need, select the main goal by adding a star, and view the complete list of all your goals.

We did our very best! We hope this version meets all your needs – and more!


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