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Segment integration by Kameleoon now includes "Destinations"

September 20, 2021
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Last summer, we introduced our native integration with Segment. Today, we're announcing a major enhancement to the Kameleoon-Segment integration: the addition of “Destinations.


Segment Kameleoon


Previously, Kameleoon's one-click Segment integration would send an Event to Segment that contained the experiment and variant's name and ID when a visitor was targeted by an experiment or a personalization via Kameleoon.

The data helped marketers, developers, and product managers build a richer picture of their customer so they could steadily make better digital products and experiences.


Create a Segment


With the addition of Destinations, now Segment customers can send any data organized in Segment to Kameleoon to help them more easily build and measure experiments. The enhanced integration closes the loop, allowing customers to not only enrich their understanding of their customers based on their behavior inside of experiments and personalizations, but also to create better experiments and personalizations at the onset.

Examples of this enhanced integration are:

  • The end of duplication. Any metrics, KPIs or Event data organized in Segment can be utilized inside of Kameleoon.
  • Richer targeting and optimization. Data organized in Segment is automatically available for users to build and measure all tests and personalizations on Kameleoon.
  • Portability and scale. Users can now share all experiment and personalization metadata from Kameleoon with any of Segment's 122+ partners.


To learn more or see our documentation, visit our Segment integration page.

See Kameleoon on Segment’s Destinations catalog here.

Segment documentation on Kameleoon here.

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