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Kameleoon enters The Forrester Wave™: EOP

Vendor Ranking - Kameleoon enters The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms, Q4 2020.
Forrester Wave

This report evaluates the 10 most significant providers specializing in experience optimization, analyzing the strategy, current offering and market presence of leading vendors. It shows how each provider measures up and helps customer insights professionals select the right one for their needs.



In Forrester’s in-depth evaluation, Kameleoon’s highest scores were for the following criteria:













What does the report say about Kameleoon

Kameleoon’s deployment options impress… - [Kameleoon] employs [its] multiple-product strategy so that it can serve the experience optimization needs of clients at many maturity levels. Kameleoon has focused its product innovation efforts on providing real-time propensity scoring of visitors, flicker free performance, and flexible consent management.”

The vendor offers an impressive array of deployment options,  including SaaS, and full-on-premises. Customers have the flexibility to deploy some or all of the individual components for testing, targeting, and recommendations”

“Kameleoon’s ability to execute on its ambitious product road map and the strong performance of its experience optimization business are noteworthy for a new entrant into our EOP evaluation.


Forrester Research Inc.
Experience Optimization Platforms,Q4 2020



We believe our recognition in this Forrester Wave for Experience Optimization validates Kameleoon’s product vision and market strategy. By providing a single platform that covers all experimentation and personalization needs, brands can scale their efforts to increase engagement, conversions and revenues. This is increasingly vital in today’s digital-first world.
Jean-René Boidron
CEO, Kameleoon
The products’ multiple deployment options are a boon for enterprise customers. With its real-time browser-based predictions and performance- and scalability- oriented architecture, Kameleoon’s solution is a good fit for the healthcare, finance, and e-commerce industries.
The Forrester Wave™
Experience Optimization Platforms, Q4 2020

 “The usual way before Kameleoon was to provide promotions to every client coming to the website. With Kameleoon, we started to offer targeted promotions only to specific clients we knew would be interested in those promotions.


Merchandising and Search Engine Manager


 “Kameleoon allows us to restructure our website roadmap and our ability to analyze the website and user behavior. All the updates to the website are now based on analysis or A/B test results.


Web Project Lead


 “At the beginning Kameleoon allowed a +30% efficiency gain. What’s most important, at the end of the pilot phase we knew we had gained the right pace to scale the solution easily.


Product Director


The benefits for brands investing in Kameleoon

Learn how Kameleoon increases eCommerce sales, improves engagement, and personalizes digital customer journeys, delivering a three-year ROI of 291%. 


To highlight the benefits Kameleoon can deliver, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may gain by deploying Kameleoon’s AI-powered web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform.



Infographics Total Economic Impact of Kameleoon


Get a summary of the key benefits for brands using Kameleoon with our Total Economic Impact™ infographic



Contents of the study


 The quantified and unquantified benefits of Kameleoon's experimentation and personalization platform


 A financial analysis of the costs associated for companies investing in Kameleoon to calculate the ROI over three years


 An overview of Kameleoon's technology and how to combine A/B testing and personalization to drive online revenues

Conversion Rate


Improvement in
conversion rates

Increase Cross Sell



Reduced campaign setup effort


Reduced campaign
setup effort

The solution provides ROI of 291%. A strong, compelling business case that generates $4.3m NPV for the company and payback of 3 months. The study definitely showed an increase in CX as well. Improved CX from your website is one of the main assets a company has - happy users of your website become advocates and increase brand value.
edoardo zavarella
Edoardo Zavarella, speaking during the Kameleoon/Widerfunnel ‘Delivering digital growth’ webinar
Consultant, Forrester Consulting

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